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The leadership of Halifax Community College (HCC) has decided to return to a virtual learning environment in response to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 positive cases in Halifax County.

Effective Monday, all HCC employees must work from home with only essential staff being allowed on campus. 

In addition, most face-to-face instruction will be suspended through the end of the fall semester. Clinical, shop and laboratory-science classes will still be offered face-to-face when necessary, as determined by the instructor. 

Also, occupational extension and continuing education classes will continue face-to-face. Clinical instruction for all Allied Health Department students will continue to follow the directives of the external clinical sites.

HCC will offer a virtual Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the parking lot of the 100 building, allowing students to come on campus and access the Internet from their cars. 

An HCC librarian will be available if assistance is needed by calling 252-536-7236.

“I am extremely proud of the efforts of our leadership team in responding to these unprecedented events taking place around us,” HCC President Michael Elam said. “Our faculty have done a tremendous job maintaining stellar educational offerings for our students, even under the most difficult circumstances. That will continue as we adjust to these new safety precautions.”

Students can still contact their instructors via email or telephone. 

Also, students can pay for classes and complete their financial aid requirements online, to keep everyone safe. 

HCC moved to an online bookstore, allowing for the purchase of textbooks for students. Curriculum students can register by going to this link  and clicking on the WebAdvisor link. 

Finally, all student support services, counseling, and tutoring services are still available online and via telephone for all students.

For area residents who wish to apply to HCC and register for classes, an online application is available. HCC Admissions and the online application can be accessed by going to this link

HCC leaders have been closely monitoring the newly released county alert system introduced by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The system can be accessed at this link

“Our faculty and staff have been committed to student success, and student safety, throughout this year,” said Elam. “As the numbers in our area continue to rise, it is critical to us that we continue to offer first-class education while continuing to protect our students, faculty and staff. We must respond to the increasing risk with vigilance and with speed to protect the entire HCC community.”

Additional information will be provided by March 1, following a re-evaluation by the HCC administration.

For more information, please contact the President’s office at 252-536-6399.