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The 2022-23 Roanoke Rapids High School Athletic Year began on Monday August 15th. RRHS Players and Coaches are ready, and the school system knows you Yellow Jacket Fans are too. In preparation for the upcoming sports year here are some things the RRHS Athletics Department wants you to know.  

Ticket Information

  1. All tickets will be sold at the gate before and during each game. Individual tickets for each game will be $7. We will accept Cash or Check (made out to RRHS) only.  
  2. Yearly Sports Passes will be sold. These passes will be good for all HOME football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball games at RRHS this year. Adult passes will sell for $100 each and Student passes will be sold for $60 each. We will accept Cash or Check (made out to RRHS) only.
  3. Football Season Passes will be sold. These passes will be good for all 6 HOME football games only. These passes will sell for $35 each. We will accept Cash or Check (made out to RRHS) only.
  4. The Yearly Sports and Football Season passes will be sold in the RRHS Administration Building from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm today. They will also be sold at tonight’s opening Football game.  Please bring the exact cash amount or a check made out to RRHS.
  5. RRHS Athletics accepts all NCHSAA and NC Coaches passes, as well the Senior Tar Heel Card for admittance to all regular season contests.


Spectator Guidelines

RRHS Athletics has always enjoyed a great home field advantage thanks to its wonderful fans.  We look forward to a bigger and better fan base again this year. Here are some things to know before coming to cheer on your Yellow Jackets.

  1. Sportsmanship is the main thing. Win or lose our Yellow Jackets will represent this school and community with nothing but the best sportsmanship. We expect no less from you, the fans. You are to cheer on your Yellow Jacket players and coaches. There will be a no tolerance policy for bad sportsmanship toward any players, coaches, or fans from either team as well as toward any referee/umpire. If you exhibit bad sportsmanship you will be asked to leave with no refund.
  2. There is no free re-entry into RRHS Athletic events unless approved by an RRHS Administrator at the game.
  3. No backpacks or large bags will be allowed in any RRHS athletic venue. There will be exceptions for medical or diaper bags. Any bag allowed in a venue is subject to be searched.
  4. You must find a place in the bleachers/spectator area to watch the game.  There will be no loitering by the concession stand or grassy area by the visiting bleachers at Hoyle Field for football and soccer games, along the south fence behind the goalie at Hoyle Field for soccer games, in the gym lobby during volleyball and basketball games, and by the batting cages during softball and baseball games. Those loitering in these areas will be asked to find a seat. If they continue to loiter they will be asked to leave with no refund.  
  5. Please help keep our facilities in the excellent condition they are in. Please put all trash in the nearest trash can. Also, please do not vandalize any of our facilities. Our coaches and players take great pride in playing at such wonderful facilities.  
  6. Per NCHSAA rules, there will be no noisemakers and/or body paint allowed by spectators at RRHS Athletic Events.  Let’s be loud, while cheering on our Jackets, the right way.

Thanks for your support.  We look forward to seeing you this year as our teams continue the storied athletics tradition here at RRHS.  Go Jackets!!!