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The Roanoke Valley will receive more than $27 million in appropriations from the state budget which was approved today.

State Representative Michael Wray voted in the affirmative on the state’s spending plan in which significant funding was awarded for the counties in House District 27.

“Representing two economically distressed Tier One counties, there are many unmet needs in my district,” Wray said. “My goal in this short session was to allocate as much funding as possible to our rural communities to improve the quality of life for our citizens.” 

The appropriations are as follows in Halifax County:

$700,000 for the town of Weldon’s riverfront project at River Falls Park

$4,750,000 for the town of Littleton. While Wray said he will discuss the funding with town officials, the town currently has infrastructure and revitalization needs.

$250,000 for the town of Halifax. Wray will discuss the funding with the town. The funding is expected to go towards preparations for the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Halifax Resolves.

$1 million for the Halifax State Historic Site in preparation for the 250th. This money will help with artifacts once the visitors center is renovated and also prepare to bring from Washington the Halifax Resolves for the event.

$450,000 for Halifax County for engineering and planning of the third floor renovation of the courthouse on Ferrell Lane.

$7,816,600 for Halifax County Schools and the new Eastman School project

$500,000 for a new fire truck for the Darlington Volunteer Fire Department

The Halifax County total appropriation if $15,466,600.

The appropriations for Northampton County are as follows:

$100,000 to town of Garysburg to help with improvements to the community center

$500,000 to the town of Gaston. Wray said he will meet with town officials to further discuss the funding.

$1 million for the town of Rich Square. Wray said he will meet with town officials to further discuss the funding.

$250,000 for the town of Woodland. Wray said he will meet with town officials to further discuss the funding.

$250,000 for the Jackson Volunteer Fire Department. Wray said he will meet with the fire department to further discuss the funding.

$9,998,182 to Northampton County for the new high school project.

The total Northampton County appropriation is $12,098,182 and the total appropriation for both counties is $27,564,782.

Wray said between this budget and the last budget there has been approximately $80 million appropriated to the district. “Between this budget and the last, every town in both counties has received funds with Lasker and Halifax receiving assistance in a Roanoke Electric internet pilot project.”

Said Wray: “I am pleased that I was able to secure funding to support important projects in District 27. These funds will help local governments and community service organizations better serve our citizens, who are the ultimate beneficiaries. ”