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 A former Halifax County Sheriff’s Office deputy and school resource officer will appear in court on August 25 to face cyberstalking, harassment and sexual assault counts.

Sammy Webb, the attorney for the former Southeast Halifax High School SRO Diyrone Solomon confirmed the updated court date.

Webb, who was hired as Solomon’s attorney Thursday, declined further comment while in Halifax County District Court this morning.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation charged Solomon, of Roanoke Rapids, with cyberstalking, misdemeanor stalking and second-degree forcible rape.

The victim in the case is an adult and not a student.

According to the warrant filed by the SBI the cyberstalking occurred from May 2 to June 2, the misdemeanor stalking occurred from May 26 to near the end of the month and the second-degree forcible rape occurred between May 17 and 18.

The warrant for cyberstalking says Solomon reportedly installed, placed and used an electronic listening device without consent to track the location of the victim.

The misdemeanor stalking warrant says he reportedly harassed the victim on more than one occasion through texts and social media when “the defendant knew or should have known that the harassment would cause a reasonable person to fear for a person’s safety,” or cause their immediate family and close personal associates substantial emotional distress “by placing that person in fear of continued harassment.”

The second-degree forcible rape count charges that Solomon “unlawfully, willfully and feloniously ravished and (had) carnal knowledge” with the victim by force and against her will.

Chief Deputy Scott Hall said Solomon has been dismissed from his duties. “It is a very unfortunate situation and we will continue to send prayers to Mr. Solomon and the victim involved.”

Hall said it is his understanding that the complaint against Solomon was made to the district attorney’s office which in turn contacted the SBI.