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A downward trend in the number of positive COVID-19 cases since testing began in March continues to be reported by the Halifax County Health Department.

Today the department added three new positive cases to its data, which brings the total number since March to 933.

There have been 17 related deaths — 1.82 percent — reported. There have been 14 deaths within the Roanoke Rapids area ZIP code; two within the Weldon area ZIP code; and one within the Enfield area ZIP code.

Health Director Bruce Robistow said the state did not provide data on recoveries and current cases in its update today.

Robistow did say, “I’m happy to see there’s a decrease in the trend. I’m happy to say the Roanoke Rapids Police Department and Halifax County Sheriff’s Office are being helpful in making sure employees at various businesses are wearing masks and encouraging their customers to do so.”

The graphic of daily lab-confirmed cases shows a decrease in the trend since March 25 and the graphic showing new cases by race and ethnicity has shown a decrease for the past week.

In addition to that data, the graphic showing the percent of positive tests as a proportion of electronic lab reporting tests continues to show a decrease in the number of positives over the past week. “We know that as testing increases, the number of cases can climb,” the health department said in its update this evening. “This gives us an idea of the number of cases with respect to the amount of testing being done. These are only calculated using results from labs that report to the state.”  

The 25- to 49-year-old age group continues to be the largest group which has tested positive this past week, the health department said.

Northampton County

The health department reported this afternoon there are currently 436 positive cases of which 371 have recovered. There are 48 active cases and there have been 17 deaths.