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Signature HealthCare reports its Roanoke Rapids center received a 100 percent deficiency-free survey after an inspection by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

The CMS completed a state infection control survey of the Roanoke Rapids facility earlier this month.

“In a time when there is a vigilant war being waged against the coronavirus and its corresponding illness, COVID-19, it’s always important to celebrate and recognize a significant victory over this virulent enemy,” Signature said in a statement. “Signature HealthCARE of Roanoke Rapids works diligently every day to meet or exceed the highest level of quality of care for its residents and staff and that’s exactly what a 100 percent deficiency-free survey means.” The survey results show all services provided at the Roanoke Rapids center meet or exceed all state and federal standards and the overall environment of the facility is at the highest level required and, in some cases, exceeds those requirements. 

The CMS state surveys included interviews, observation, and the review of records and policies. “Signature HealthCARE knows the importance of these critical inspections to ensure the effectiveness of our facilities’ infection prevention, medical response and proactive protocols to fight disease and illness, at any time, but especially in a COVID-19 environment.”

Signature said, “Diligent and responsible CMS state surveys are welcomed by our facilities, at all times, as a way to help keep our facilities at the highest level of performance possible for our residents and community at large. Being deficiency free is a great accomplishment in a COVID-19 climate. Signature HealthCARE hopes the Roanoke Rapids community will join us in celebrating this victory. We will continue this fight and not back down.”