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A woman charged in a death concealment case would not allow her sister inside the house where their mother had been dead for several months, according to a search warrant filed during the investigation.

Donna Sue Hudgins, the Enfield woman charged in the case, told her sister, who had taken a glance through the door of the house, what appeared to be a body inside was a mannequin lying on the floor.

The search warrant filed by Detective Willie Murphy Jr. of the Enfield Police Department was executed the evening of September 7 at a residence on South Church where the mother, 93-year-old Nellie Hudgins lived with Donna Hudgins.

Murphy noted in the search warrant on September 7 the Enfield Police Department responded to the residence for a welfare check.

The police department had received a call from a funeral home because they received a report of a death but had not received a body.

"Donna Sue Hudgins told family members that her mother had passed away earlier that morning of September 7," the search warrant says.

Donna Hudgins' sister, after being notified of her mother's death, was not allowed in the home. Looking through the door, however, Hudgins' sister saw what appeared to her (to be) a mannequin on the floor. "Donna Sue Hudgins told her sister that the object was a mannequin which was used to teach her how to properly lift a person," according to the document.

Officers arrived to question Donna Hudgins "and she admitted that her mother was dead inside. Officers entered and learned the suspected mannequin was a human body which was deceased. The body appeared to have been in the home for several months."

No items were seized from inside the residence, Murphy noted in the search warrant.

The search warrant corroborates other documents filed in the public record that the offense date is listed as September 7 and it is believed Nellie Hudgins had been dead for two to three months before that date.

Donna Hudgins was charged with the crime last Monday and her mother is believed to have died of natural causes.

In a statement last week the Enfield Police Department said Donna Hudgins reportedly concealed her mother's death because she was curious about the stages of death.

The Halifax County District Attorney's Office has declined comment when asked whether Donna Hudgins had any past or current mental health issues.

Murphy also declined comment today.

Donna Hudgins has a November 7 court appearance scheduled in Halifax County.