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No foul play is suspected in the case of an Enfield woman whose daughter was charged earlier this week with felony conceal or fail to report her death.

Public documents show 93-year-old Nellie Hudgins is believed to have died of natural causes, according to a medical examiner's report.

The woman's daughter, 69-year-old Donna Sue Hudgins, was charged by Enfield police on Monday.

The date of offense is listed as September 7 and it is believed Nellie Hudgins had been dead for two to three months before the offense date.

Enfield police Chief Tyree Davis this evening did not immediately return a phone call or respond to a text message seeking additional comment beyond a Facebook post and press statement he released Tuesday.

In that statement Davis said Donna Hudgins reportedly concealed her mother's death because she was curious about the stages of death.

Investigation began when the daughter went to a funeral home to make arrangements, stating her mother passed that morning but she did not know where EMS had taken the body.

The funeral home tried and also could not locate the deceased.

The funeral home became concerned and contacted the Enfield Police Department.

Davis, Officer Jerry Shoemaker and Detective Teo Antunez Jr. responded to the mother's residence and were able to make contact with the daughter who also resides there.

After speaking with the daughter, officers entered the residence to do a welfare check and discovered a badly decomposed body in the home.

Detective Willie Murphy Jr. and Antunez led the investigation and found the deceased was in the home for several months before the daughter notified family members of their mother's passing.

Detectives interviewed the daughter and learned she did not report the death because she was curious and wanted to see the stages of death.

The Halifax County District Attorney's Office declined comment this evening when asked whether Donna Hudgins had any past or current mental health issues.

Donna Hudgins has a November 7 court appearance scheduled in Halifax County.