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After faithfully proving Weldon City Schools with the highest degree of work ethics, for having made sure that every Weldon High School athlete was well taken care of and for making sure that the transportatiopn for the students in Weldon was also maintained, Mr. Clyde "Pop" Bullock took a step back and retired June 30, 2019.


Pop worked in maintenance at the central office and athletic manager at the high school and retired with 30 years of service.  His decisions to retire has left shoes that may never be completely filled. Pop will certainly always be known as the face of the Chargers Athletic Department. Every Athletic Director, every Coach and every player rarely made a decision without running it by Pop first. Clyde is also well known and respected by teams across the state. Never again will Weldon be blessed to have a person of this caliber on their staff. Join me in wishing Clyde a very well deserved deserved retirement but I am sure he will be seen around from time to time. Anyone in sports know that it is not an easy task to walk away and not look back. 


The retirment celebration was held on August 24th and was well attended by Chargers from near and far, former and present. The special speaker former superintendent Dr. Eli Bracy reminded those in attendance that Pop will always be the Top Man of Weldon!