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As of midnight Wednesday, the Halifax County Public Health System is aware of 811 confirmed novel coronavirus tests which have been performed on residents.

The breakdown is as follows:

143 positive cases; one related death; and 91 recoveries.

There are 18 tests pending and 650 negative results.

The approximate number of current cases can be determined by subtracting the number of recoveries from the cumulative number of positive cases since testing began.

The Roanoke Rapids area ZIP code has the highest number of positive cases at 65. The Roanoke Rapids area ZIP code accounts for the one death in the county.

Health system Director Bruce Robistow said in his afternoon update the trend line continues to show a substantial spike upward. “Although more tests are being performed, this report shows that there are more COVID-19 positive cases than we were originally aware of.”

The data today, he said, strongly indicates “that strong attention needs to be paid to mitigating this virus and would strongly indicate that we cannot forget the importance of following the executive orders and recommendations.”

He encourages residents to practice appropriate social distancing, handwashing, respiratory hygiene, and wearing facial coverings whenever out in public. 

Northampton County

As of this report the Northampton County Health Department had not released its afternoon update.