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With Roanoke Rapids school being closed starting Monday, the system held an emergency meeting of the superintendent’s cabinet today to continue discussions of how to work through the COVID-19 issue.

The school system is expected to be closed through at least March 30, it said in an alert Saturday. Other area schools will also be closed starting Monday.

“This is all new territory so we ask for your patience,” the alert said. “We have posted a list of frequently asked questions in the News section of our website with answers.”

The questions and answers can be found at the end of this report.

Beginning Tuesday, the school system will provide a grab and go drive-through food service weekdays for all students from 10 a.m. to noon at Belmont and Manning schools   

Students will receive a bag that will include both breakfast and lunch items.  

At this time the school system will not provide virtual learning. 


The following is the FAQ on the system’s website:

What should I do with my child while RRGSD is closed? 

Reading is important for students. Please encourage your child to read any books or other informational materials you have on hand. 

If you have Internet access, these websites may be helpful: 




At this time, to protect everyone’s health and safety, our teachers are not required to provide online or face-to-face instruction.

What will happen with Spring Break?

We do not know what will happen with Spring Break at this time. 

Will students be fed during the two weeks RRGSD is closed? If so, how? 

Yes. We have applied to feed students during the closures. It will be a similar process to summer feeding. We will provide one bag of food with both breakfast and lunch. We will host a drive-through format at Manning and Belmont on weekdays from 10am - 12pm and give bags to anyone 18 and under who arrives. Pick-up will begin on Tuesday, March 17. Meals will continue until further notice.

Will there be changes to End of Grade, End of Course, Advanced Placement, or benchmark testing? 

We do not know of any changes at this time, but the guidance is constantly evolving. Currently, we plan to move forward with benchmark testing (as it is formative assessment) when students return. 

When will grades be due for report cards, and when will report cards be distributed? 

Report card grades will be due one week after teachers return to school. Report cards will be distributed soon after grades are due. 

Will the school year be extended?

We are unsure at this time as we have had no directive from the state regarding requirements after school reopens.  

Can the school be opened for students to check out books or gather their personal belongings? 

No. Due to the Governor’s mandate, schools will not be open for students or families at all during this closure. 

Will any parent meetings, family events, sports, or other extracurricular activities be held during the closure?

No. Due to the Governor’s mandate, none of these events will not be held during this closure. 

Will Place to Play be open during the closure?

No. Due to the Governor’s mandate, since Place to Play is located in a school, Place to Play will not be open during the school closure.