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The Roanoke Rapids High School Yellow Jackets Men's soccer team contunie to win and have a magival season beating Vance County Wednesday 11-2.

Jackets Goals: Carson Neal 7, Cameron Wilson 2, Josh Miller 1, Logan Walton 1

Jackets Assists: Cameron Wilson 4, Emerson Escobar 2, Jake VanDam 1, Carson Neal 1, Bander Alrahimi 1, Jacob Edenbeck 1

While Jackets goalies AJ Pearson had 12 saves in goal and Hunt Qualls had 4 saves in goal.

Post match comments from Jackets head coach Craig Jean, "We came out on fire tonight. We had great passing and runs off the ball that ended with a lot of Carson dunks. We are such a fun team to watch offensively when we get rolling like we did for the majority of tonight's game. I am glad to see us finish both games this week early and put teams completely away instead of losing focus once weget up a few goals like we did in some early season games. We will look to keep getting better and fine tuning as we finish out our last 5 regular season  games"


Roanoke Rapids 2018-19 Men's soccer season

Win     Currituck 6-5 (1-0 overall)

Win     Granville Central 1-0 (2-0 overall 1-0 conference)

Win     Louisburg 9-0 (3-0 overall 2-0 conference)

Tie      Currituck 3-3 (3-0-1 overall 2-0 conference)

Win     Northern Nash 7-1 (4-0-1 overall and 2-0 conference)

Win     JF Webb 9-0 (5-0-1 overall and 3-0 conference)

Win     Vance County 6-3 (6-0-1 overall and 4-0 conference)

Win     Warren County 9-0 (7-0-1 overall and 5-0 conference)

Win     Bunn 6-1 (8-0-1 overall and 6-0 conference)

Win     Granville Central 6-5 Double OT (7-0-1 overall record and 7-0 conference)

Win     Louisburg 9-3 (8-0-1 overall and 8-0 conference)

Win     JF Webb 9-0 (9-0-1 overall and 9-0 conference)

Win     Vance County 11-2 (10-0-1 overall and 10-0 conference)

Mon. 10/15 South Granville Home 6:00

Tues. 10/16 NCSSM Away 6:00

Thur. 10/18 South Granville Away 6:00

Mon. 10/22 Warren County Away 6:00

Wed. 10/24 Bunn Home 6:00

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