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The Weldon Chargers take two out of three basketball games games with the Varsity Boys falling to the Warriors 87-78.

In the opening game for the evening the JV team from Weldon was able to maintain their lead and cruise into a 62-57 win. Both teams started the contest with a lot of running/gunning strategy until a timeout was called and Weldon came back with a more defensive game. The score at halftime had the Chargers leading 29 to 25 with both teams having having a lot of turnovers. The coaches from Weldon and North Edgecombe did a good job using their bench so that none of the players were over exhausted during the face paced game.

The varsity girls contest started off with the ending of the first quarter's score of Weldon 18 and North Edgecombe 2. However the Lady Warriors orchestrated more strategies and was able to close the gap by halftime trailing the Chargers 28-16. The game ended for the evening with a score of Weldon 72 and North Edgecombe 29.

In the final contest of the evening the the Weldon Chargers wvarsity boys ere able to collect the first 5 points of the game from senior Vincent who made the first layup and three pointer for the game. Both teams then went on to trade a bucket for a bucket and ended the half with Weldon leading 21-16. The Warriors returned to the court for the second quarterwith a 8 point run taking the lead for the first time and never looking back. The Chargers was not able to captalize on having the lead so they ended up losing to the Warriors by a score of 87-78.

The Chargers will travel to Rocky Mount Prep on Friday.