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It has been brought to my attention that the City Council has put on the table for consideration, permanently closing the indoor pool. 

Their reason is: money.  

The Aquatic Center has been great for recovery after my 7 surgeries, getting toned and in good physical shape, socializing with friends and walking in the water. Water exercises are not strenuous on the body and improve your overall well-being.

I think we should call it The Aquatic and Wellness Center. There is just nothing like it. We are so fortunate to have this great facility especially for a town our size.  

I wonder if any of the Council members even use the indoor pool?

I love lap swimming, have taken part in water aerobics as rehab from cancer surgery and have taken my 3 granddaughters during open swim.  

I have enjoyed meeting people and catching up with friends, but I am not the only one! 

Many come to the pool as a way to recover from surgery, an injury as well as to get in good physical shape before surgery.  

I personally have taught several women to swim. One became an accomplished swimmer and a regular lap swimmer after just two months. Another friend of mine worked up to swimming 3 miles at one time (that’s 102 laps) and she has rheumatoid arthritis. 

This pool is needed and used! 

If you don’t believe it, then come at 5:45AM, 6:30AM, 9:00AM, 10:30AM or 12:00PM any Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Those are just some of the times I know lap swimmers and aquatic classes take place.  

And what happens to the 40-60 swimmers from the Roanoke Rapids swim team or possible college swim scholarships? How about the Halifax Academy swim team? Where do these teams practice and have swim meets? How about lifeguard certifications?

I encourage anyone who uses the indoor pool to call one or all of your mayor and council members and let them know you use the pool. 

Call City Hall at 252-533-2800, hit choice 3 for the Administration departments and then 1 for City Manager. 

The city clerk may be able to help you get in touch with our elected officials.  

If you want to send an email you can go to the City of Roanoke Rapids Official Website. From there you need to go to Administration then under that choose Elected Officials. The Mayor and the city council members each have an email address available.  If we don’t let them know how much the pool means to the citizens of Roanoke Rapids, we may find that they shut it down for good! 

I am one voice. Let your voice be heard!!!

Jan Wicker

Roanoke Rapids

Editor’s note: Roanoke Rapids City Council will begin its budget review Tuesday at 5:15 p.m. City Councilman Wayne Smith confirmed to rrspin Thursday that closing the Aquatic Center is a consideration.