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Wires from a power line loosened by a falling tree Monday afternoon sparked a fire at a residence in the 200 block of Williams Street.

The fire, according to Roanoke Rapids Fire Department Chief Jason Patrick, started at the back of the house. No one was at home at the time firefighters were dispatched to the scene shortly after 2:45 p.m.

Arriving firefighters observed smoke coming from the rear and the roof area. They entered the home and advanced upstairs where the fire appeared to be located.

Firefighters discovered most of the fire was located in the attic space. They removed sheetrock from the upstairs ceiling to extinguish the flames.

Salvage operations afterward included covering items that weren’t damaged with tarps to prevent further damage.

The home sustained fire damage to the attic area and water and smoke throughout the remainder single-family residence.

Patrick said after the tree fell it pulled the wires of the power line loose, which started the fire.

Nine on-duty firefighters and 11 others were called to assist.

“Quick action by the on-duty shift with locating the fire and pulling the sheetrock quickly to extinguish the fire in the attic was instrumental in saving the rest of the home,” Patrick said.

Halifax County EMS, Roanoke Valley Rescue Squad, Roanoke Rapids Police Department, and the Roanoke Rapids Public Works Department assisted.