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 Southeast Collegiate Prep Academy had a virtual senior signing and decision day Friday.

The class of 2020 was recognized for their choices of going to college, military, or the workforce. School Counselor Courtney Higgins said, "Senior signing-decision day is something I coordinate every year for each graduating class at Southeast Collegiate Prep Academy. This is my second year at the school and Southeast students have a special place in my heart. I'm known to be a really tough school counselor, I'm honest with my scholars, advocate for their career, academic, and personal-social development but that's only because I want all my students to be successful.”

The goal, she said, is for them to be enlisted in the military, employed in the workforce, or enrolled in some college. “Many people don't realize the importance of having a high school counselor, and the role we play in getting the students to that place by writing recommendations, sending transcripts, helping them with financial aid, taking students on college tours, helping them with college applications, conducting career exploration surveys, pushing students to apply for scholarships, scheduling school wide ASVABs, helping students register for the SAT & ACT, assisting with their resumes and cover letters, and more. Oftentimes, our profession is forgotten about.”

Since signing day could not be held in person Friday to restrictions on gatherings and social distancing, Higgins arranged a virtual signing day. “I didn't want to only recognize seniors going to college, I wanted to recognize seniors going into the military and workforce because all pathways matter. Seniors had a choice of participating ... Some are not certain of their plans after high school but I'm sure they will find their way. The class of 2020 scholars worked hard and deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments."

The Southeast class of 2020 class was offered more than $2 million in scholarships, many obtained workforce certificates, 55 percent enrolled into college, 13 percent enlisted in the military, and 32 percent are employed. 

Seniors dressed in their cap and gowns to view the video and some families had a watch party.