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Fire caused significant damage to a house in the 300 block of Marshall Street early this morning.

It was the second straight structure fire Roanoke Rapids firefighters responded to after one Monday morning which totally destroyed a house in the 500 block of Harris Street.

Battalion Chief Tim Gray said the cause of this morning’s fire is currently undetermined. Firefighters are expected to return to the scene later today to try to determine a cause.

A-shift firefighters received the call to 338 Marshall Street just after 3:30 this morning and upon their arrival saw the rear of the house on fire. Gray said a second alarm was sounded for off-duty firefighters to assist.

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The occupants, who got out safely, told firefighters they heard noises outside and saw the entire rear of the residence ablaze. The occupants went to a neighbor’s house.

Crews did an interior attack of the dwelling and did a primary search for occupants. Firefighters learned they were OK and got out safely.

Gray said firefighters began noticing the conditions outside the residence were progressing and knocked out the exterior fire, fire in the attic and fire in the rear.

Firefighters then re-entered the house, did a second search and extinguished the remaining fire inside.

The fire was marked under control shortly after 4 a.m. and firefighters cleared the scene shortly before 6:30.

About half of the contents of the house were damaged due to smoke and water. The American Red Cross was called for assistance. Roanoke Valley Rescue Squad, Halifax County EMS and the city police department assisted.

Gray said it appears the house can be repaired.