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Northeast Academy held it's Athletic Award banquet rencently and the following atheletes won awards:


Spirit Award- Hannah McDermott and Kathryn Long
MIP- Sarah Farmer
Leadership- Bailey Newsome
Varsity Baseball-
MVP- Ryan Rowe
MIP- Justin Jones and Dylan Edwards
Leadership- Ryan Rowe
Coach's Award- Noah Lassiter and Michael Smith
Thomas Pope Scholarship- Ryan Rowe
JV Baseball-
MVP- Dawson Vann
MIP- Hunter Martin
Varsity Softball-
MVP (offensive)- Kierstyn Polson
MVP (defensive)- Jessie Martin
MIP- Emalee Jones
Leadership- Carson Johnson
JV Softball-
MVP- Jessie Martin
MIP- Kate Coggins
MVP- Jon Stephenson
MIP- Chase Futrell
JV Shooting Team-
MVP- Gracie Baker
MIP- Dawson Vann
Varsity Shooting Team-
MVP- Avery Brown
MIP- Noah Lassiter
Coach's Award- Ryan Rowe
Varsity Volleyball-
MVP- Nicole Mackie
MIP- Rebecca McDermott
Leadership- Allie Liverman and Nicole Mackie
JV Volleyball-
MVP- Gracie Baker
MIP- Emma Storey
MVP- Carly Stephenson
MIP- Hannah McDermott and Roslynn Morris
Leadership- Carson Johnson
JV Football-
MVP (offensive)- Dalton Vann
MVP (defensive)- Wyatt Short
MIP- Payton Brinkley
Varsity Football-
MVP (offensive)- J.T. Simmons
MVP (defensive)- Ryan Rowe
Lineman Award- Michael Smith
MIP- Josh Simmons
Dave Davis Award- Justin Jones
JV Boys Basketball-
MVP- Trent Wheeler
MIP- Dawson Vann
Varsity Boys Basketball-
MVP- Dylan Edwards
MIP- Brandyn Polson and Noah Lassiter
Leadership- Ryan Rowe
Coach's Award- Justin Jones
JV Girls Basketball-
MVP- Emalee Jones
MIP- Leah McDermott
Varsity Girls Basketball-
MVP- Carly Stephenson and Jessie Martin
MIP- Rebecca McDermott
Leadership- Summer Warmack
Huck Bolton Award- Justin Jones
Highest Average Athlete-
Female- Carly Stephenson
Male- Ryan Rowe
Female Award winners
Bottom Row Left to Right- Kierstyn Polson, Haven Jilcott, Allie Liverman, Bailey Newsome, Carson Johnson, Jessie Martin
Middle Row- Nicole Mackie, Summer Warmack, Hannah McDermott, Rebecca McDermott, Leah McDermott, Gracie Baker, Sarah Farmer
Top Row- Kate Coggins, Kathryn Long, Emalee Jones, Roslynn Morris, Carly Stephenson
Male Award winners
Bottom Row Left to Right- Payton Brinkley, Wyatt Short, Hunter Martin, Dawson Vann
Second Row- Ryan Rowe, Michael Smith, Justin Jones
Third Row- J.T. Simmons, Brandyn Polson, Avery Brown, Noah Lassiter, Dylan Edwards, Josh Simmons
Top Row- Jon Stephenson, Dalton Vann