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The Weldon Chargers basketball teams hosted the Northampton Jaguars Friday night.

What I believe started when the girls coach Grady Williams left Northampton to return to his alma has become one of the most intense and friendliest rivals in the Roanoke Valley. Tonight's contests substantiate my theory.

The JV game was a fight to the end with the Jaguars edging out the Chargers 50-48. Both teams handled the ball from every angle and it came down mostly to the stripes that determined the winner. Weldon failed to capitalize on some important trips to the free throw line that would have either tied the game or gave them the win. It's not hard to guess what the next practice will focus on.

In the girls contest there was some great running the court, strong defense and some amazing rebounding from both teams. Where the Jaguars may have lacked in height, they certainly made it up in speed. Even with both teams giving their all, the Jaguars couldn't stop the charge so Weldon went on to win by a score of 58-36.

The last contest of the evening was everything the fans expected and more. Both teams went to work strong from the tip off to the final buzzer. Between the blocked shots, three point shooting, turn around layups and dominating dunks it was hard for anyone to remain seated. The intensity of the game lasted until the end of the game with the Jaguars topping out the Chargers by a score of 68-65. So with another Charger/Jaguar game in the books one can say that the rivalry will only get better from this point. Congratulations to both teams for a great game and an excellent example of good sportsmanship because they know how to play hard and leave everything on the court!

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On most Wednesdays the Weldon High School Chargers are busy reflecting on a Tuesday's game or preparing for a Friday night game, but today the Chargers visited the Huskeys of North East Carolina Prep.