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On June 15, 10 4-Hers from Halifax County participated in the Northeast District Activity Day Competition. 

The youth adapted to a dramatically different environment this year as they competed against 22 counties via video recording platforms. 

This year's NC Virtual 4-H District Presentation Competitions garnered 492 presentations. 

Youth in this competition prepared and delivered a demonstration, an illustrated presentation, or a creative performance for a panel of judges. 

Kolby Irby from the Tuff Riders 4-H Club won gold with his presentation on Camping and Tent Construction for the 11-13 age division. 

Colton Irby, also from the Tuff Riders 4-H Club, won gold for his presentation on Largemouth vs. Smallmouth Bass in the 11-13 environmental science category. 

Cameron Byrd, vice president of the Scotland Neck 4-H Club, won gold in the 11-13 age category for livestock and dairy production. 

Satasia Harvey represented the Talented Teens 4-H Club well with her Arts and Communications presentation. 

Adrian Harvey from the Talented Teens 4-H Club, one of the youngest participants, earned a bronze medal for a timely presentation on hand washing. 

Tanayah Boone also from the Talented Teens 4-H Club won a gold medal in the 8-10 age division in the category of citizenship and community service. 

Graham Zeiders from Tuff Riders 4-H Club won a gold medal and swept judges with his horse presentation in the 11-13 age bracket. 

As a first-year 4-Her participating in the Leadership and Personal Development category, Kentwan T. Williams represented Hands With Purpose ABC2 4-H Club well.

Jace Sandeford, known to the judges as "the guy to help you buy," sold the judges and earned silver during his real estate presentation in the careers and entrepreneurship category. 

Kaziah Vick, the vice president for Talented Teens, competed well in the highly competitive health and fitness category. 

“This year's competition required an unprecedented level of persistence,”said Jerry Edmonds IV, Halifax County 4-H agent. “Our 4-H youth are learning skills that many don't refine until college or trade school. Skills including research and implementation, SMART goal-setting, content organization, and oral presentation. Kolby Irby, Colton Irby, Cameron Byrd, Tanayah Boone, Graham Zeiders, and Jace Sandeford will compete in the State 4-H Presentation Finals on July 20th.”

For more information on this event or other 4-H year-round programs, please contact Edmonds at 252-583-5161.