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J.F. Webb gets served by the Jackets as the Roanoke Rapids High School Mens’ Tennis team moves to 2-0 this season claiming victory over the Warriors Thursday afternoon.

The Yellow Jackets first home match of the season ends with a clean sweep 9-0 victory over the Warriors.


#1 C. Neal (RRHS) def. Z. Peeden (6-4) (6-3)

#2 A. Quinteros (RRHS) def. L. Hoffman (6-1) (6-0)

#3 P. Pampilo (RRHS) def. J. Helberg (6-0) (6-1)

#4 J. Garcia (RRHS) def. T. Alston (6-1), (6-1)

#5 A. Beets (RRHS) def. V. Hernandez (6-1) (6-0)

#6 RRHS def. Webb (forfeit)




1. Neal and Quinteros (RRHS) def. Peeden and Hoffman (8-1)

2. Pampilo and Thompson (RRHS) def. Hernandez and Alston (8-0)

3. RRHS def. Webb (forfeit)


Head Coach: Michelle Pageau

Asst. Coaches: Stevie Harris, Heath Nunn, Peyton Clapton


Photos by Randy Wrenn