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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 22:46

Jackets win in weather called match

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The Roanoke Rapids High School Yellow Jackets Men's soccer team improved to 16-0-1 Wednesday night at Doyle field.

The Yellow Jackets team beat Henderson Collegiate 7-0 with the match called due to lightning with ten minute remaining in the match.

Jackets Emerson Escobar hat a hat trick with 3 goals, Billy Ricks scored 1 goal, Carson Neal scored 1 goal, Anderson Castillo scored 1 goal and Erick Gonzalez also scored 1 goal.

Roanoke Rapids goal assist were by Jake Van Dam with 3, Carson Neal and Cameron Wilson 1 each.

Thomas Merritt and AJ Pearson had 2 saves in goal each.

Post match comments from Roanoke Rapids head coach Craig Jean, "We had a lot of fun tonight. We moved the ball very well. Our backs did a good job of keeping themselves out of pressure and creating space. Everyone continues to work hard and they are getting better as a result. Monday night we play at home vs Warren County and honor our 6 seniors for senior night."



2017 Men’s Soccer  

Date                Oppt                        Site                  Time

8/17                    Currituck                     Away                  Win

8/21                    Louisburg                    Away                  Win

8/28                    JF Webb                      Home                 Win

8/30                    S Vance                       Away                  Win 5-0

9/5                      Northeastern                Home                 Win 6-1

9/13                    Warren County            Away                   Win 9-1

9/14                    Northeastern               Away                   Win 8-1

9/18                    Bunn                           Home                 Win 5-0

9/20                    Granville Central         Away                    Tie 1-1 (Double OT)

9/25                    Louisburg                    Home                  Win 9-0

9/26                    Hend. Collegiate           Away                  Win 5-2

9/28                    Currituck                     Home                  Win 5-2

10/2                    JF Webb                      Away                  Win 4-0

10/3                      S. Granville                 Away                 Win 9-2

10/4                    S. Vance                      Home                 Win 6-1

10/9                    S. Granville                 Home                  Win 7-2

10/11                  Hend. Collegiate        Home                    Win 7-0

10/16                  Warren County          Home                    6:00

10/18                  Bunn                          Away                   4:00

10/25                  Granville Central         Home                   6:00

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