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The Chaloner Middle school boys basketball team win at home this past Thursday and Girls and Boys teams closed the regular season out on the road with wins.

Chaloner Middle girls had an intersquad scrimmage this past Thursday because RMP doesn’t have girls team. teams were split up by school yard pick. It was black jerseys against white jerseys. Black jerseys won 22-8.

Black jersey scorers: Bdot Bell - 8 Zoey Thomas - 8 Lillian Griffies - 4 Akiela Moody - 2

White jersey scorers: Lilly Sweely - 4 Keymora Macklin - 2 Madison Darden - 2


Chaloner girls beat Conway away 30-17 Tuesday.

Chaloner scorers:

Zoey Thomas - 16

Elizabeth Pericak - 4

Malaya Garner - 4

Madison Darden - 2

Lilly Sweeley - 2

Madelyn Bel l- 2

Chaloner Middle School Girls Regular season record 11-1.




Chaloner Boys beat Rocky Mount Prep at home this past Thursday 50-23.

Chaloner scoring:

Khamorae Wood with 15

Josiah Jackson 10

Jermaine Hale 5

Erik Nunez 4

Dominik Harrison 3

Challis Knight 3

Jordan Rook 3

Easton West 3

BJ Davis 2 & Jacob McClam 2


Chaloner boys beat Conway away 46-23 Tuesday.

Chaloner scoring:

Josiah Jackson with 13

Khamorae Wood 12

BJ Davis 10

Jermaine Hale 8

Dominik Harrison 2 & Jacob McClam 1


Chaloner Middle School Boys Regular season record 9-3.


Conference tournament starts Monday. Seeding and times are still being determined.