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Tuesday night May 23rd RRYBA Minor, Major and Senior League division scores and unofficial standings.

The Minor League:

Deacons (CSM Electrical)      6

Bishops (Discount Tire)          5


Stewards (Wrenn Sports)      7

Elders (Price's Refrigeration)  5


Angels (Jon's Auto Glass)     10

Halos (Reser's)                       7



Minor League Unofficial Standings:

Stewards (Wrenn Sports)           7-3

Halos (Reser's)                          6-2-1

Deacons (CSM Electrical)          6-3

Angels (Jon's Auto Glass)         5-3-1

Saints (Blythe Grading)             5-4

Bishops (Discount Tire)             2-8

Elders (Price's Refrigeration)     1-9



The Major League:

Saints (2nd Street Lunch)             10

Stewards, Clements Mechanical    4


Angels (Buglink)                             7

Elders (Kenneth Daniel Roofing)    6



Major League unofficial standings:

Deacons (CSM Electrical)              4-1-1

Stewards (Clements Mechanical)  4-3

Angels (Buglink)                            4-3

Saints (2nd Street Lunch)              3-3-1

Elders (Kenneth Daniel Roofing)    1-6


The Senior League:

Stewards (Arthur & Nicholson)    5

Saints (West Fraser)                    3


Bishops (Weldon Steel)         3

Elders (Patten Mechanical)     2



Senior League Unofficial Standings

Bishops (Weldon Steel)                     2-0

Stewards (Arthur & Nicholson)            1-0

Elders (Patten Mechanical)              1-1

Decons (Warren:s Construction)        0-1

Saints (West Fraser)                          0-2