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Every dog has its day: Elle's is in Oct.

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City council this evening recognized a hometown hero — a four-legged hero named Elle.

The pit bull, who was recognized in October as American Hero Dog, had October 1, 2014 declared as Hero Dog Elle Day.

Mayor Emery Doughtie presented a proclamation to Elle's owner, Leah Brewer, who spoke to council on the many projects she and Elle have participated in and started in the community that led to the national award.

“ … The city of Roanoke Rapids is proud of Elle and the work she is doing in the community where she has earned the title of Hometown Hero in addition to her title as the 2013 American Hero Dog,” the proclamation read. “Now therefore, I, Emery Doughtie, by virtue of the authority vested in me as mayor of Roanoke Rapids, do hereby proclaim October 1, 2014, as Hero Dog Elle Day in recognition of her contributions to the community and her national recognition as the 2013 American Hero Dog.”

Prior to the presentation, Brewer explained to council some of the things that led to the national title, including teaching children how to safely interact with dogs and a reading program called Tail Waggin' Tales, which helps them gain confidence in their reading skills.

Doughtie reads the proclamation as Brewer holds Elle's leash.

Jennifer Clapton, a Chaloner Middle School counselor, told council members the story of one boy who began reading to Elle quietly and by his third session began reading louder and with more confidence. “Elle gave him a kiss and now he reads loud. Did Elle do all that? I don't know no. I like to think she had a big part in it.”

Brewer was surprised by the proclamation and said she will use Hero Dog Elle Day as a way to continue working on safety programs and the other programs she has established “to make a difference.”

One of those, she said, will be a program with the fire department to help teach fire safety by using the stop, drop and roll method.


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