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County undercover operations include suspect texts to deputy

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The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division conducted several undercover operations throughout the week resulting in multiple arrests, including one in which an alleged suspect texted a deputy to make a sale.

Today around 11 a.m. narcotics agents and detectives followed up on a drug complaint in the Zoo Road and Highway 158 area.  

Captain A.M. Harris said in a statement during the investigation a source assisted agents in an undercover capacity and purchased cocaine.

After money was exchanged for the cocaine agents and investigators conducted a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle.  

The alleged suspect was identified as Kehaad Cornelius Hawkins, 26, of Sam Powell Dairy Road.

Hawkins was found in possession of marijuana, two rolled marijuana blunts and a digital scale.

Agent C.A. Parker conducted the investigation and charged Hawkins with possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine, sell cocaine, deliver cocaine, possess one-half ounce or less of marijuana, possession of marijuana paraphernalia and maintaining a vehicle/dwelling for a controlled substance.

He received a September 19 court date.

Prescription pills

At the beginning of the week, investigators shared information with agents of a woman possibly selling prescription pills.  

Agents followed up using a source in an undercover capacity.

Alexis Mayo Rook, 44, of Madge Lane, allegedly sold 10 oxycodone pills Tuesday to the source in the area of Becker Drive and Old Farm Road.

This afternoon around 12:45 agents D.R. Radford, D.W. McKeel and D.J. Epperson arrested Rook at her residence.  

Radford obtained warrants on Rook for possession with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver schedule II controlled substance, sell schedule II controlled substance, deliver schedule II controlled substance, manufacture/sell/deliver controlled substance within 1,000 feet of school and felony conspiracy.

The school charge reflects the transaction took place near a local daycare center.

Radford also obtained warrants for the arrest of Frederick Lee Holiday for felony conspiracy.

At approximately 11:45 this morning, Radford, McKeel, Parker, Detective Sergeant S. Bryant and Patrol Sergeant J. Matthews executed a search warrant on Becker Colony Drive at Holiday’s home. Holiday was not present during the search warrant and no items were seized.  Agents encourage Holiday to surrender to law enforcement.

Rook received a September 19 court date.

Texts to deputy  

Harris said Corporal Andy Cash had received several text messages from a person wanting to sell him drugs.

The person who wound up being charged — Thomas Martin of Halifax — was unaware it was a law enforcement he was texting, Harris said.

It was unclear how Martin got Cash’s number. “Somehow, the guy just started texting him,” Harris said.

In a statement Harris said Cash passed along the information to agents and on Tuesday the narcotics division followed up by having a source assisting in an undercover capacity meet with Martin in the Walmart parking lot.  

Martin reportedly arranged the meet to sell crack cocaine.

The deal was successful and agents moved in to make a traffic stop.  

Radford attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver did not heed the blue lights and siren near the entrance to Walmart from Premier Boulevard.  

A short chase went through the parking lots of Rent-A-Center, Verizon and ended near Applebee’s.

McKeel arrested and charged Martin with possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine, sell cocaine, deliver cocaine, maintaining a vehicle/dwelling for a controlled substance, fail to heed blue light and siren, stop sign violation, reckless driving to endanger and driving while license revoked.

Martin received a September 19 court date.  

Epperson, Parker and Harris assisted.

In March of 2015, Martin was charged with conspire to sell and deliver cocaine during an undercover campaign.

“Agents appreciate Corporal Cash passing along the information which resulted in the arrest of Martin,” Harris said in the statement. “We work as a team and the patrol division plays a large role in agents’ drug investigations.”

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