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Schools get supplies from sheriff's cruiser drive

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Whitaker, right, and Tripp talk following the donation. Whitaker, right, and Tripp talk following the donation. rrspin.com

Two elementary schools in Halifax County received school supplies today and two more will get items soon following a donation drive by the sheriff’s office.

Hundreds of dollars of supplies were delivered to Belmont and Weldon schools from items collected by the Stuff the Cruiser drive Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Walmart. Donations to Aurelian Springs and Hollister are forthcoming.

Teacher’s eyes lit up at Belmont as they took a break from a training session to look over the assortment of items contained in five boxes and a bag also stuffed with tissues, hand sanitizers and hygiene products.                                                                    

Belmont principal Terrelle Jones thanked Sheriff Wes Tripp for the supplies. “We are thankful for all you do for the community and the kids. We really are very grateful.”

District Superintendent Dain Butler said in a statement, “Many thanks to the sheriff and the community for this donation. As a school district we do our best to make sure every child has what he or she needs to be productive in school.”

The boxes were loaded with everything from backpacks to looseleaf paper and composition books and pens and pencils and more items.

Tripp said the main reason for the drive is, “We know teachers take a lot out of their own pockets.”

First Media Radio helped push the event for two straight weeks. “That helped bring the crowds out to support this,” Tripp said.

Mike Morgan, a First Media personality, said, “General Manager Chuck Marsh loves to do things to benefit the local community. It’s not his first endeavor to get together and help the community.”

Tripp was pleased to see the smiles at Belmont and again at Weldon. “They were very appreciative of it. A teacher’s job is much like law enforcement. It takes a one of kind person to do that job.”

Weldon principal Keedra Whitaker and her assistants were overwhelmed. “It means we’re able to provide more resources for our scholars. It makes a huge difference for teachers.”

The amounts teachers spend on supplies for students varies, Whitaker said. There is a $250 cap on what they can write-off, she said, “But they spend way more than that.”

Whitaker said with the supplies from the Stuff the Cruiser drive, “It helps cut that cost. There’s going to be some happy faces. We’re thankful for this partnership. It will be an excellent start for our school year.”

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