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Raleigh, Taylor street evidence crucial in expanding Carter probe, chief says

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Evidence collected from Raleigh and Taylor streets was crucial in expanding an investigation into a breaking and entering in which the suspect was shot by the homeowner, Roanoke Rapids police Chief Chuck Hasty said today.

That investigation led to other charges being filed against Wade Carter III, including three sexual assault counts.

A search warrant was granted to collect evidence soon after Carter allegedly broke into the residence of the elderly victim.

“It allowed us to get his DNA,” Hasty said. “The DNA tied him to the other crimes so it was very crucial.”

Investigator Obert Wiltsie applied for the search warrant on May 24 after the police department received a call in the 500 block of Raleigh Street about a burglary which occurred shortly before 3:30 a.m.

“(The victim) advised she shot the male when he was in her home,” Wiltsie wrote in the application for the search warrant.

Investigators discovered the entry point to the victim’s house was the backdoor  “where the suspect used a flat type instrument such as a screwdriver to gain entry.”

Victim hears noise

Wiltsie wrote the victim heard someone walking in her home and went to investigate the noise. “(The victim) says she saw a male walk down her stairs wearing black clothing and white gloves.”

That’s when the victim, an 88-year-old woman, pointed her revolver at the man. He raised his hands exposing the white gloves and the victim fired a shot.

The suspect ran past the victim toward the bedrooms of the house where there was no exit and the victim fired another shot.

The suspect then ran past the victim toward the back door “which is the point of entry and the point of exit,” Wiltsie wrote.

Investigators responded and collected evidence from Raleigh Street — specifically blood found in the hallway, floor and carpet.

The blood trail leading out of the house, Wiltsie wrote, disappeared, which gave evidence Carter left the area by means other than walking.

HRMC notification

Halifax Regional notified law enforcement about a person who came to the hospital shortly before 10:45 that morning “claiming he injured his hand in an accident at his home” the search warrant says. “Wade Carter III advised he hurt his hand working on a lawn mower.”

He told the nurse he was turning a wrench on a lawn mower blade “when he slipped and cut his finger.”

But the nurse and nurse practitioner told officers after they viewed the X-ray it was apparent the injuries weren’t consistent with cutting flesh.

Both the nurse and nurse practitioner believed the X-ray showed metal fragments consistent with bullet fragments. “This is also consistent with information the victim provided with the suspect putting his hands up when she shot. The nurse stated the injury to the finger did not look like a cut but was macerated and mangled.”

Taylor Street

At Carter’s residence in the 300 block of Taylor Street officers made contact with someone there.

Captain Bobby Martin observed a bicycle leaned against the front porch with blood on the seat.

Martin and Investigator Chris Babb also observed a trash can behind the residence with blood on it.

Investigators seized two buccal swabs and two vials of blood from Carter.


Analysis of the evidence seized from Raleigh and Taylor streets and evidence collected at other crime scenes matching the same MO led to further charges being lodged against Carter.

The charges are as follows:

Burglary, first-degree rape, kidnapping and larceny after breaking/entering, for a crime reported on December 9, 2017, in the 300 block of Taylor Street. The victim reported they were awakened by a suspect standing over them. The suspect then sexually assaulted the victim, and before the suspect left, he took items from the residence.

Attempted burglary and injury to property, for a matter at the Raleigh Street victim’s house from December 23, 2017. The victim reported finding damage to their door, where someone had unsuccessfully tried to break into the residence.

Burglary, attempted first-degree rape, common law robbery, assault inflicting serious bodily injury and kidnapping for an April 14 crime in the 300 block of Monroe Street. The victim reported waking up to their alarm going off and finding the suspect standing over them. The suspect then attempted to sexually assault the victim and demanded money. Before the suspect left, he physically assaulted the victim by hitting them in the face and causing injury.

First-degree rape, common law robbery and kidnapping for a May 15, crime in the 800 block of Jackson Street. The victim reported they were awakened by footsteps inside the residence coming up the stairway. The victim attempted to close the bedroom door, but the suspect forced his way inside. Once inside the bedroom, the suspect sexually assaulted the victim and then demanded cash from the victim. The suspect wanted the victim to drive him to get more cash from an ATM. When they went outside to get in the vehicle, the victim was able to drive off and report the crime.

According to the state court calendar, Carter has an August 27 court date tentatively scheduled for the May Raleigh Street crime and a September 24 court date for the latest charges.

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