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RRSD lifts Gaston area boil, pressure advisory

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Roanoke Rapids Sanitary District has lifted its boil advisory for consumers in the town of Gaston in Northampton County.

“Water is now safe to drink and cook with,” RRSD CEO Dan Brown said in a statement.

The RRSD has also lifted its system pressure advisory for its nearly 1,000 customers in the area.

Brown said test samples show the water is safe to drink. Testing for bacteria normally requires about 24 hours to complete, depending on the type of test used.

RRSD crews flushed the system, continue to sample as necessary, and they are making positive progress. “We will continue to work in the area to ensure water quality.”

Brown said consumers may see a milky appearance in their water. This is air trapped in the water because of the recent pipeline repair and it could continue to occur weeks after the event. A clean, full, glass of water allowed to stand on the counter should clear up in just a couple of minutes. “Others may experience more immediate red or brown discolored water and should run all cold-water faucets in your home for one minute. Do not run the hot water to wash clothes, cook or bathe during times of discolored water. Be sure the water is clear before doing activities requiring the use of hot water.”

If customers are still having a problem after flushing their pipes, call RRSD at 252-537-9137 and a crew will be dispatched to the area to assist with flushing the lines around the residence or business.

The 12-inch water line attached to the Highway 48 bridge over the Roanoke River between the Roanoke Rapids and Gaston has been repaired and pressure tested.

No further lane closures are anticipated at this time.

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