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Investigation leads to 'shroom' seizures

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A continuing investigation resulted in the seizure of 26 grams of mushrooms and other drugs in the Roanoke Rapids area earlier this month as well as several drug charges filed.

It is an investigation which led to an additional nine pounds being seized, City County Drug Task Force Captain A.M. Harris said in a statement.

The nine-pound seizure was not in Halifax County and not in a neighboring county, Harris said this morning, declining to pinpoint the exact location.

Authorities are not releasing the names of who was arrested in Roanoke Rapids or from whom the nine pounds were seized.

“Right now we just want to inform the community of the different drugs which are available in the Roanoke Valley and this is still being investigated,” Harris said when asked this morning who was arrested in the case.

The Roanoke Rapids seizure conducted by deputies of the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office D Squad resulted not only in the 26-gram seizure of psychedelic mushrooms, but  290 grams of marijuana, 27 suboxone strips, drug paraphernalia and currency.

In the statement Harris said agents continued to follow up because of the large amount.  

It was during the follow-up investigation agents were contacted by federal authorities and began working together sharing information to identify the Roanoke Valley source of supply.

Due to the initial investigation of this case and the continued investigation of the task force, federal and local agencies seized an additional nine pounds of mushrooms and drug paraphernalia.

In the statement Harris said, “Psychedelic mushrooms, street name ‘shrooms,’ are used as a recreational drug. It affects and alters your thinking process, causes you to see unusual things while your eyes are opened or closed and will alter your sense of time.”

They can be eaten, chewed with food or boiled with tea.

Lieutenant J. Bozard, Sergeant R. Ball, Corporal M. Bishop and Deputy J. Pignanello of the sheriff’s office conducted the initial investigation.

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