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Davis plans to 'oust' Tripp to become Halifax County sheriff

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Tyree Davis today, along with his wife Arnette, announced his candidacy for sheriff of Halifax County. 


“In 2014 I ran as a virtual unknown and garnered 35 percent of the vote. Today, I am a local police chief with a record of success in ridding the community of crime and drugs, Davis said.”

Today, Tyree comes to the citizens of Halifax County with a verifiable record of success which he believes can be taken to the sheriff’s office to improve law enforcement in Halifax County as a whole. 

When Starting his law enforcement career in 2003, Tyree dedicated his career to enforcing local, state, and federal laws.

Since his start, he has amassed many supervisory assignments and accomplishments to include the positions of corporal, narcotics agent, and sergeant in the investigations division. 

Tyree was hired as a captain with the Enfield Police Department and promoted to chief of Police in five months. “When I was hired as the chief of police, I promised I would hire and promote the best officers for the position, based on training, education, and experience. Not based on who you know, or the buddy system,” said Davis.

As a result of great leadership, officers and deputies from local agencies have chosen to join Chief Davis and the Enfield Police Department team in their effort to focus on combating crime and enforcing the law. 

Davis is also proud that, “not only do we have one of the most diverse departments in Halifax County, but one of the most well-trained departments as well. It is my belief that a well-trained officer is a more confident and productive officer.” 

When Tyree started with the Enfield Police Department, including himself they he had five officers, but were supposed to have 12. Not only did he fill the open positions, he did so with some of the most well-trained, experienced, and proactive officers in each position.  

“When I first started in Enfield, you could drive down the street seeing people openly drinking beer and selling drugs as if it was supposed to be part of everyday life. We were getting reports of people firing shots most nights of the week. Now you come through Enfield and it’s a whole different town,” said Davis. 

To accomplish the goal of disrupting the criminal element in Enfield, we have done the following in the last three years:

  • Served more search warrants related to criminal or drug offenses than has been recorded for the past decade. 
  • Recovered more illegal weapons and drugs (including opioids) than in the last decade. 
  • Charged, validated, and recorded more gang members than at any time in the history of the Enfield Police Department. 
  • First agency in Halifax County to charge individuals with “committing a crime for the purpose, and benefit of a gang.” (Provides for a sentence enhancement at conviction)
  • We have also started charging our common thieves and repeat offenders, with the crime of being a “habitual offender,” which will enhance their sentence when their case is disposed of. 

To emphasize this, “since my appointment as Chief of Police, Enfield has seen up to an 81 percent reduction in crime. I can’t help but think the citizens of the entire county of Halifax would benefit from that as well. I will use every legal tool at our disposal to ensure law enforcement in Halifax County is again viewed as a deterrent,” said Davis. 

Community service is also on Davis’ radar.  He has partnered with local schools, the public library, motorcycle clubs, civic groups, local churches, and private citizens to have an impact on local kids and the community. Not only have these efforts served Enfield, but the Hollister, Medoc, Ringwood, Tillery, Scotland Neck and Hobgood areas as well. 

But, “As a law enforcement officer my main concern and focus will be to provide safety and security to the community,” stated Davis. “If the community is safer kids will be more likely to come to our parks. Elderly people will be more inclined to take walks or sit on the porch and citizens will be more likely to have sporting events in our community. It doesn’t matter how many bicycles you hand out. If the neighborhoods are not safe and the kids are too afraid to ride the bicycles then what’s the point of having a bicycle? Therefore, most of the actions and programs that have been started at the Enfield Police Department were done so to make our community safer.”

Tyree’s training, education and experience, more than qualifies him for the position. 

Tyree’s educational and professional accomplishments are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice – Kaplan University
  • Masters Degree in Public Administration – Capella University (Completion in September)
  • Diploma in Computer Technology – ECPI Institute of Technology 
  • Law Enforcement Management Institute – Coastal Plains Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Certification – NC Sheriff’s Training and Standards
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Certification – NC Criminal Justice Training & Standards
  • Basic Law Enforcement Training – Coastal Plains Law Enforcement Training Center 

The two Advanced Law Enforcement Certifications are the highest certifications you can obtain based on training, education, and experience. Tyree has also been recognized as an “Elite” law enforcement officer for the State of North Carolina.

“When you evaluate my education, training, experience, and accomplishments I think that you will find that I have put in my ‘time” and research, and I am ready to take the reins of law enforcement in Halifax County,” Davis said. 

The biggest driving force for Tyree is his family. High school sweetheart and wife of 13 years, Arnette Davis (Professor at Halifax Community College), son Jaden, and daughter Avery. “Every decision I make affects the community that they will grow up and live in, and I don’t take that lightly,” says Davis.

Davis reiterated, “For the last sixteen years I’ve held mostly supervisory positions. I have followed, supervised, and led many different types of people, from many different walks of life. I lead by example in both my personal and professional life. I make sure that others are held accountable for their actions, and I expect to be held accountable for mine as well.  As your sheriff I will make sure that I bring the same motivation and proactivity to Halifax County as I did in Enfield. You can see by my record that I am fair, firm, and consistent. I am a man of my word, and my word is my bond.

“I warn you, please don’t wait until you or your family become a victim before you see that we need change, by then it may be too late. Therefore, I ask you to vote Tyree Davis for sheriff on May 8th. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.”


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