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Three historic towns enter joint marketing, tourism effort

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Three historic towns — Edenton, Halifax and Warrenton — have entered a joint effort to market and promote themselves as connected tourist destinations under the Discover History Worth Repeating program.

The effort has involved elected officials and staff and a common thread among the three towns with a strong core of history and historic sites significant not only to the state but to the entire nation.  

The three towns agreed that by working together and highlighting their nationally significant histories they could offer more reasons to visit, while sharing marketing costs and reducing competition among themselves for heritage travelers.  

The focus on just a few historically significant towns was intentional.

Even though each town maintains its unique identity, they are able to differentiate themselves from other historic towns in North Carolina.  

The town of Halifax will host its launch of the History Worth Repeating effort on December 9 at 10:30 a.m. in the Historic Halifax State Historic Site visitor center, located at 25 Saint David St.  The launch is part of a full day of activities during the annual Christmas in Halifax event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., which features the town’s Christmas Parade at 2 p.m. along King Street.  

“It was fun and exciting to be part of a revolutionary marketing idea,” said Sharon Vick, Halifax town clerk.  “It’s not often an idea creates such enthusiasm.”  

Each town has examples to discover history worth repeating.   

Edenton with its Tea Party was a political protest organized by women in response to the Tea Act, passed by the British Parliament in 1773.   

Halifax with its Resolves was the first official action by an American Colony calling for independence from Great Britain.  

Warrenton, home of the first architect of North Carolina, blended architectural styles while sending his work force of sixty craftsmen to build colleges in Raleigh, Oxford and Randolph County.  

“The Council liked the idea of Edenton working with other historic towns,” said Edenton Town Manager Anne-Marie Knighton. “They loved the tagline of Discover History Worth Repeating.”  Warren County Manager Robert Davie said, “I believe this effort marks the first time municipalities have crossed local and regional boundaries to jointly promote themselves in North Carolina.”

Warrenton Interim Town Manager Meredith Valentine called the effort “a unique collaboration that will benefit all three towns.”

The passport tour leads visitors through the participating towns.  

Passports are stamped at each historic, merchant, or artisan location.  

Hands-on activities in each town are tailored for children and adults: Resigning the resolves in Halifax, building architectural elements in Warrenton and cruising the bay where the Tea Party occurred in Edenton.  

Passport holders share their experiences online and register for giveaways and prizes.   

For more information or to print a passport visit  

Preprinted passports are available at any of the following locations:



  • Historic Visitors Center – 108 N. Broad Street
  • Penelope Barker House – 505 S. Broad Street
  • Edenton Bay Cruises – S. Broad Street on the water
  • 309 Bistro & Spirits – 309 S. Broad Street
  • Downtown Café and Soda Shoppe – 301 S. Broad Street
  • Edenton Coffee House – 302 S. Broad Street
  • Waterman’s Grill – 417 S. Broad Street
  • Edenton Bay Trading – 407 S. Broad Street
  • Chowan Arts Council and Gallery Shop – 504 S. Broad Street



  • Jacob Holt House – 122 S. Bragg Street
  • Quilt Lizzy – 117 E. Market Street
  • Town Hall – 133 S. Main Street
  • Hardware Café – 106 S. Main Street
  • Robinson Ferry Restaurant – 111 N. Bragg Street
  • Scarlet Rooster – 117 N. Main Street
  • Friends Two – 126 S. Main Street



  • State Historic Site – 25 Saint David Street
  • Halifax Town Hall – 24 S. King Street
  • The Hen and the Hog Restaurant – 16 S. King Street
  • Bass House Antiques – 13 N. King Street



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