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Simms returned to prison after probation revocation

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Matthew Simms was sent to prison last week for violating terms of his probation, court records show.


Simms is a defendant in the murders of four elderly people in the Glenview community in August and is also a defendant in a gang-related murder in Enfield in 2015.

The decision to return Simms to prison was based on an administrative review of cases in which he was convicted in July of last year, state court records show.

A 2015 charge of possession of firearm by felon was consolidated with a 2014 charge of possession of marijuana, according to state Department of Public safety records.

He originally received a suspended sentence with a supervision term of 18 months. That sentence was handed down July of last year by Special Superior Court Judge Beecher Gray.

Terms of that probation, according to the violation report contained in court files, included Simms not absconding either through willfully avoiding supervision or making his whereabouts unknown to his supervising probation officer.

The document notes, however, “On or about (May 23 of this year) after numerous attempts to contact the defendant, including at the last known address … the said defendant has refused to make himself available for supervision as instructed by the probation officer, thereby absconding probation.”

Simms failed to report to his supervising officer on March 31 and April 27.

He paid $100 toward his supervision fees and at the time of the administrative review was $290 in arrears.

The review also notes he failed to comply with attending substance abuse classes and terminated from the program “due to many missed classes.”

The revocation of his probation was carried out last Wednesday, a day before Kenneth Westcott took a plea in the 2015 murder of Jarshamel Cambridge in Enfield, a crime in which Simms was also charged.

The revocation of his probation also came a day after Cambridge murder defendants Jequan Kimble and Dequan Marrow took pleas in the Cambridge case.

Westcott, Kimble, Marrow and Jamonte Green all pled to solicitation to commit gang activity in the case. Dexter Taylor, the man whose bullet killed Cambridge, is serving a six-year sentence for manslaughter in the case and Tony Hill received probation for shooting into an occupied vehicle to incite fear.

The remaining defendants, Simms and Taphill Yancy, are expected to appear in court next month in the Cambridge case.

The district attorney’s office has said they will most likely not receive the same plea offers as the four others did because of their failure to cooperate with the state.

Halifax County Superior Court Judge Alma Hinton ordered the revocation and Simms was transferred from the Halifax County Detention Center to Craven Correctional Institution.

Total incarceration term is two years and two months, according to Department of Public Safety records.

Simms is scheduled to appear in Halifax County District Court Wednesday for further administrative matters in the Glenview murders.






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