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Report of drive-by ends up being unintentional shooting

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A call of a drive-by shooting in Weldon Saturday night ended up being the call of a man who unintentionally shot himself in the leg when his gun fell from his waistband and discharged.

Chief Deputy Scott Hall of the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office reported Dominique Hardy, 26, of Weldon, claimed he was a victim in a drive-by shooting which was alleged to have occurred in the area of Green and Elm streets around 9:30.

In a statement Hall said Lieutenant Randy Keeton and deputies on his squad responded to the area.

What was learned, however, was Hardy injured himself when the gun discharged after falling from his pants.

After receiving medical treatment, Detective Matt Brown arrested and charged Hardy with possession of a firearm by felon.

Hardy was released on a $15,000 bond and has a November 15 court date pending.

Deputies also arrested James Brickell Jr., 49, of Weldon, for reportedly interfering with the investigation.

Hall said Brickell is an acquaintance of Hardy’s and allegedly tried to enter the crime scene, curse and distract investigators.

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