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NCSHP roundup: Fatal updates; pileup and special enforcement

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The North Carolina State Highway Patrol reported the following:

Pedestrian fatality

Trooper W.C. Wheeler responded to a pedestrian death on Interstate 95 this morning.
Wheeler said the man was walking in the northbound travel lane around 5 a.m. when he was struck by a vehicle.
EMS informed Wheeler the man had apparently went to the North Carolina Welcome Center to report his vehicle had reportedly been sideswiped.
He was apparently returning to his vehicle when he was struck.
The driver, who will not be cited, was driving about 65 miles per hour when the man was hit.
Wheeler identified the man as Robert Alan Obrien, 76, of Spring Hill, Florida.

Tractor-trailer pileup

Trooper J.T. Keeter responded to a tractor-trailer collision on Interstate 95 at the 151 mile marker near the weigh station Tuesday morning shortly before 2:45.
The call came in as an overturned tractor-trailer which blocked both southbound lanes.
The driver, Richard Richardson, 57, of Walnut Cove, was carrying heavy industrial utility poles.
Richardson, Keeter said, fell asleep, and ran off the road to the left. When he came back on the roadway the weight of the flatbed tipped the rig over.
Two tractor-trailers ran into Richardson’s rig and a third rig struck the spilled utility poles.
One of the drivers who hit the overturned rig was pinned in and extricated from the vehicle by Enfield firefighters. He escaped with minor injuries.
Keeter cited Richardson for careless and reckless driving and failure to maintain lane control.

Drapers Road fatality

A March 18 fatal on Drapers Road in the Enfield area led to charges against the driver, according to a report by Trooper Scott Richardson.
Jose Lyles, 24, of Enfield, was charged with DWI, reckless driving, no operators license, speeding, no seatbelt, driving left of center, felony death by vehicle and felony serious injury by vehicle.
Lyles has multiple court dates in April and May.
Sh’Keize Whitaker, 22, of Enfield, died in the crash.
According to the report, Lyles was driving north on Drapers Road when he went off the right side of the road and overcorrected. He crossed the centerline and went off the left shoulder, his vehicle coming to an uncontrolled stop on the left shoulder with the passenger side against a tree.
Sergeant L.T. Porcher said Whitaker was pinned against the tree while Lyles was trapped inside.
Another passenger, Joseph Richardson, 22, of Hollister, was ejected through the rear window.
Both Lyles and Richardson sustained spinal injuries, Porcher said.

Increase in fatalities, special enforcement

Thus far there have been five fatalities in Northampton County and two in Halifax County this year.
“The numbers are up in Halifax and Northampton counties,” Porcher said. “We’re concerned about it because it’s early in the year and a lot we think could be preventable.”
Porcher said drivers should exercise caution, don’t be distracted, wear seatbelts and don’t drink and drive.
Meanwhile, in anticipation of spring break and prom season, the patrol will participate in Operation Drive to Live April 3 through 7. The enforcement will be conducted 6 a.m. through 5 p.m. each day with the primary purpose of reducing the number of teenage collisions and deaths.
“Too many teenagers die in crashes each year on our highways,” said Trooper Levern Bynum. “Last year, over 10,000 teenagers were injured or died in car crashes on our highways. We are asking drivers to drive responsibly and don’t take chances. It’s not worth it.”

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