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December input leads to revised streetscape plans

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The audience looks at the revised concepts. The audience looks at the revised concepts.

Improvements to the open space at 1026 Roanoke Avenue are expected to be the first to be tackled once final streetscape plans are accepted by city council

City Manager Joseph Scherer said following the second meeting on avenue streetscape concepts this evening no dollar figures have been presented. “Once we get a plan in place then we’ll start looking at how to fund it and what parts can be accomplished. There is no time frame.”
The city already has money set aside for the open space, he said. “We’re looking forward to moving forward on that.”
Main Street has reserved $25,000 to be put into 1026. Phase 1 improvements of the 1026 project would mean an immediate useable space, Main Street Development Director Christina Caudle said in December.

In the gallery: The revised 1026 and streetscape concepts:

Sharon Rhue, a landscape architect with Rivers & Associates, which came up with the concept plans, said before the meeting there are several grant opportunities which can be pursued.
Rhue presented updated concept plans for 1026 and the streetscape plan based on public comment and input from a meeting held in December.
The concepts she presented this evening became a combination of those unveiled at the first meeting.
Most attending that meeting, Rhue said, liked the idea of the river theme, and natural stone seating was preferred to more ornate metal benches.
A movie theme for the 1026 space did not go over well, Rhue said, and this evening a revised plan, Concept B, was presented drawing inspiration from vintage department stores. “It’s very evocative the facade remains.”
As Rhue encouraged new comments and suggestions on the revised concepts, she told the audience, “You don’t have to buy into the concepts wholesale.”
Rhue also expects 1026 to be the first of the concepts to be phased in. “While this is overwhelming, when it’s phased in it becomes easier to implement.”
Les Atkins, whose photography and advertising business is on the avenue, said he liked the river concept. “They’ve done a nice job getting inspiration. I hope our city council can maintain an open mind.”
Rivers & Associates will now go back and further refine the concepts based on the input received tonight.
A streetscape master plan will be created and then be presented to city council.



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