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Monday presents final chance for streetscape input

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The public will have another chance Monday to review streetscape plans for Roanoke Avenue as well the green space left by the demolition of 1026 Roanoke Avenue.

Main Street Development Director Christina Caudle said Wednesday Rivers & Associates will return to Lloyd Andrews City Meeting Hall on Jackson Street for a presentation on feedback given during a meeting in December when the planning and engineering firm gave three streetscape concepts and two concept plans for the 1026 green space. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the presentation will be at 5:30 p.m.
The plans, Caudle said, include showing a new round of designs and to collect more feedback. “It will be narrowed down for one final design. It’s the last chance the public can put their thoughts on the different design options.”
Caudle, Planning and Development Director Kelly Lasky, Public Works Director Larry Chalker and representatives from Rivers & Associates met in January and compiled the feedback from the December meeting and went over the positive and negative input from each design.

One of the most consistent points of feedback was the need for enhanced crosswalks in the city, Caudle said. “We talked about the enhanced crosswalks and how the city can pull that off.”
Feedback on the green space concept of a pocket park was more favorably received than one more conducive for showing movies.
Lasky said the prevalent input on the streetscape concepts from the initial meeting ended up as a hybrid between a river theme and one based on local architecture.
A final design plan is expected to be presented in March and will be taken to city council most likely in April for an approval of the masterplan, Caudle said.
Funding will be examined through grants and city funds.
Lasky said council will be presented a written report which will provide a brief summary. “It will be something used to demonstrate the city went through the process. Funding agencies want to know it’s been thought out.”

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