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New hunting proposals ludicrous

Written by  Sammy Shearin
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I wish to address the new proposed hunting regulations for Halifax County.

I am a lifelong hunter. I grew up in a hunting family.
I am 64 years old and have seen the nature of hunting change and evolve in many ways.
These new proposals simply are ludicrous.

A) Hunting is a privilege and we pay for it.
It is not a right. Serving on the Board of County Commissioners is also a privilege. Maybe we should replace each of the commissioners at the next election.
Commissioner Manning is rude and belligerent and always tries to force his wishes on others. He has won re-election several times by slim margins and should be the first to go.

B) Commissioner Qualls is proposing a $1,000 fine and one-year loss of license for any conviction.
Has he forgotten that we are a tier one county with high poverty rates? Yet he wants to impose such a fine on the very people he is supposed to represent.
Many residents simply could not pay such a fine.
It seems maybe he wants to eliminate hunting for those not lucky enough to have the financial stability that he has.
These poverty stricken citizens need the food from hunting to supplement their food source. Maybe he needs to be number two on the list to be replaced.

C) Retired game warden Carl Hatcher offered that during his time as a supervisor that he rarely had a full complement of wardens to enforce the laws.
Wardens are to enforce the laws rather than commissioners impacting undue hardships on the citizens.
The state needs to fund these positions and hire appropriately.
Mr. Hatcher speaks negatively of dog hunters trespassing. Are dog hunters the only ones?
I experience still hunters sneaking in on my properties all the time.
I have seized several stands found on my property.
I have pictures of trespassers on my game cameras. So to all still hunters out there you will be subject to these fines and license revocation as well.

D) Remember this. When you eliminate dog hunting the deer herd will expand rapidly. Thus more vehicle collisions, property damage, injuries with possible loss of life and certainly more crop damage with losses.

E) Eliminate dog hunting and the people who come from out of this county to hunt here will likely go elsewhere. Losses of income will include but not be limited to: grocery stores; gasoline sales; hunting leases; motels and restaurants; etc.

F) If you live in a nearby county don't think you will not be affected. You will because other counties will follow suit.

G) Dog hunters aren't stupid rednecks.
Sure, there are a few bad apples.
We are: Professionals; farmers; blue collar workers, laborers, handicapped individuals; white; black; hispanic or Indians.
Most of us are registered voters and we vote.
For Mr. Wray to consider is that he represent the people of Halifax and Northampton county. This could be your last term
The same can be said for Angela Bryant if these regulations are passed.
Most importantly Halifax County would not miss Mr Manning or Mr. Qualls.

Sammy Shearin
Roanoke Rapids

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