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Lake voices supporting school tax

Written by  Judith Britt and others
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As citizens who live full or part-time on Lake Gaston and within the attendance zone of the Halifax County Public School District, we support the supplemental tax which is on the November ballot.

Those of us who live here full-time will vote for it.
Here’s why.
We believe in the value of public education.
Public schools have helped us get our start to lead productive lives.
The children in the local school district deserve the same advantages we got from a sound basic education.
We see the supplemental appropriation for the Halifax County School children less as a tax and more as an investment.
Preparing today’s youth to lead purposeful and successful lives means they can become contributing members of the community. It means they will be good citizens adding to the prosperity and advancement of society.
We recognize that our local public schools in Halifax County face many challenges not the least of which is the high number of children who live in poverty.
Add drugs and crime to the list of challenges. These are reasons to do more.
The consequences of not enriching public education with a local supplement could well be more crime and lower property values.
So our motives in supporting local education are not merely idealistic or meant as payback for what older generations did for us.
Our motives are also practical ones of self-interest.
We can choose to support public education or be prepared to build more jails and prisons which in the long run will cost far more.

Judith M. Britt, 51 Holly Hill Court, Littleton
Patty Bunch and David Grossman, 22 Summer Place, Littleton
Ann Campbell, 40 Merriwood Road, Littleton
William and Marilyn Dunnill, 1015 FernCliff Road, Littleton
John and Gaby Espenshade, 70 Viking Lane, Littleton
Dick Gleason, 544 Ferncliff Road, Littleton
Kyle Simpson and Janet Wright-Simpson, 71 Viking Lane, Littleton


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