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We, the disenfranchised

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We count ourselves as among the disenfranchised voters, the disappointed voters, the disenchanted voters.

As it became clear who the top choices amongst the two mainstream parties would be, we cringed, we batted our eyes in disbelief and we might as well have cried.
We saw the hope of moderate Rand Paul’s chance for the Republican nomination take a nosedive with the entry of a boisterous, divisive blowhard in the field.
We saw the Democratic Party choose a woman with so much scandalous baggage that she, like her Republican counterpart, is not fit to run this country.
We’re not going to tell you how to vote because many of you strongly feel for some mysterious reason you must tow the line of the worn and weary two-party system when if you truly took stock in your political beliefs you would ask yourselves how in the world you ever believed you could identify with a billionaire, how that man is one of you, how that man even remotely knows how you feel.
The same is true of the Democratic nominee as she fights the battles to improve her name in light of scandals and dealing with the iniquities of her once president husband.
We’ve heard many say they are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils. Doing that, you’re only perpetuating the inherent evil of two sad choices who bicker with one another in rigged debates, debates which don’t allow a candidate whose name is on the ballot in all 50 states to air his views on the state of our country.
You can’t call this a fair election when the debates leading up to big day don’t allow for the third party candidate to have a voice.
We’re not going to tell you how to vote because the vast majority of you are scared to let go of what mamma and daddy taught you — that it’s either Republican or Democrat and there’s no inbetween.
It’s a sad state when you realize, like we do, there is no place for the moderates, those who hate the warhawks, those who want the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the very ideal which brave patriots in our own county stood for in April of 1776.
We think of those patriots and what they would likely think of the mockery this election has become more than 240 years later.
We believe there are more people like ourselves out there who aren’t blinded by the tabloid freakshow images of these two mainstream candidates.
We soundly believe there are people like us who believe a strong defense begins at home and we shouldn’t fight the battles of regime changes throughout the globe, that immigrants who pass a background check be given a pathway to rightful citizenship as they try to escape the circumstances of their beleaguered political climates.
We believe there are people like us who want fair taxes, a flourishing free market and the principles our most cherished document, the Constitution of the United States, promise us.
We believe there are people out there who support the decriminalization of marijuana and how it could mean a hefty boost in our economy, give farmers another option, whether it is growing the plant with THC so patients with terminal illnesses can ease their suffering or, yes, so people can unwind in the privacy of their own homes like many do with a glass of wine or a cocktail.
Of course, there are farmers who could simply grow strains without THC for industrial and textile purposes, much like King Cotton is grown now and for food production like the soybean.
In 2012, we watched as the system unraveled, devious machinations which led to one of our biggest proponents of liberty, Ron Paul, be blocked from what should have been a fair process.
That four years later that process has become more denigrated, more watered down, makes us even more sad, more enraged, more pining for normalcy, logic and reasoning.
That said, if you feel like we do then perhaps it’s time to find the keys to the cuffs binding you to the two outmoded parties and unfetter yourselves from the rhetoric and contempt.
If you feel like we do, are angry that in our great country we are left with two abysmal choices, don’t let your feet become stuck, don’t agonize over which of the evils to vote for. Do something about it, be brave like those true patriots did in Halifax on April 12, 1776.


We, the disenfranchised — Editor

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