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Setting the record straight on Lawrence show

Written by  BarnBurner Promotions
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We would like to address some of the issues from Friday's Tracy Lawrence concert as well as clear up some of the rumors and hearsay floating around.

First off, we'd like to apologize to any of our customers if they had anything less than a great time.
There are events that happen behind the scenes that fans are often unaware of but we can assure each and every one of your complaints/suggestions will be taken into account and corrected, if we feel they should be, before September's concert.
We want to thank everyone who came out and supported us and were thrilled to have Ray Scott, a North Carolina native, perform as well as have Tracy Lawrence back to The Roanoke Rapids Theatre.
Both put on great shows and both know how to entertain a crowd.
We hate there was an issue with a few fans, security, and people standing.
We brief our security on what to do before a show starts and they were trying to do as they were told — which was to keep everyone at their seats. We do not condone people leaving their reserved seats but we do not have an issue with them standing.
Standing and dancing at your seat shows appreciation to the artist, and shows that you're having a good time.
All of that truly became a big misunderstanding; no one intentionally tried to keep people from having a good time.
Our security staff never left the premises. They simply stepped into the shadows in case a larger issue arose that they would need to assist with.
They are a professional security team and we pride them in their efforts of helping us keep things under control.
There are a lot of inaccurate statements being made — one being that seats were removed from the theatre to have a pit.
This is not true and every seat was in its original place as it has been. We did take a few rows of seats out at our Saving Abel event but that was because it was a rock show and that's a pretty standard feature at those types of events.
Also, we have noticed an issue with people sneaking outside alcohol into the facility. We have briefed both our security staff as well as RRPD on this and they've been trying their best to keep it all under control.
This may result in us checking bags upon entry at future events to ensure this issue does not continue. Our staff is trained to not sell to someone who is intoxicated and we would never over- serve someone to make an extra dollar. Our profits do not come from JUST alcohol sales — it's only an added extra to our events.
We bring shows to town because we believe it's an awesome venue, it's an asset to the area, and we simply love music, concerts, and getting people together.
We do not want anyone to come and have a bad experience, but with that being said; nothing is ever easy and there is no way to predict how everyone will act in public.
We do the best we can and when there is an issue we do our best to address it and make the necessary adjustments so it will work better in the future.
We had security in place, we did as we were requested to do, and we hope to continue moving forward and correcting anything that we can do to ensure situations like this do not happen again.
Things like these are unfortunate and we anticipate these issues will not repeat themselves but we always have our fans safety at heart and will continue to provide adequate security/staff for future shows — BarnBurner Promotions


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