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In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we are very pleased to report to you our 2023 Police Department response time data.  

This data comes from Halifax County Emergency Communications.

Our average city-wide response time was reported as being:

4 minutes and 20 seconds  

(Map note: 1-West is in the northwest corner of the city;  1-East is in the northeast corner of the city; 2-West is in the western part of the city; 2-East is in the eastern part of the city; and 3 is in the southern part of the city) 

This data does not take into account environmental factors such as weather, traffic density, traffic control lighting, detours due to road maintenance, and others.  

Nonetheless, for a city that is 7.84 square miles with an average of approximately 1,900 people per square mile, this seems to be quite impressive.

Call response times are calculated by determining the difference between the time a call for service is received by Halifax Communications and the time that a Roanoke Rapids Police Department officer checks on-scene at the call for service.  

Below are the average response times by area, or as we call them — beats.   

Beat 1 West the average response time was: 4:56

Beat 1 East the average response time was: 5:05

Beat 2 West the average response time was: 5:16

Beat 2 East the average response time was:  4:55

Beat 3 the average response time was:  4:51

We would like to thank Halifax County Emergency Communications for helping us to obtain this data.  

We would also like to thank them for taking these initial calls and being so efficient in dispatching them out to officers so that we not only show up to the location successfully, but most importantly, we show up safely!