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As a long time fan of the NFL team formerly known as the Redskins, I don’t have much heartburn over the new name.

I think that’s because for some 15 years now I’ve been fully ensconced in the fantasy football thing.

The first year I played I really didn’t know about the mantra that you never pick with your heart. Of course that first year I played the team formerly known as the Redskins and now the Commanders were expected to do well that season. Looking back, they’re expected to do well every season and never do so I don’t really expect to see that 31-year drought without a Lombardi Trophy come to an end anytime soon — at least until they give Daniel Snyder the boot.

It doesn’t matter now. I’m fully wrapped up in the fantasy thing where you don’t choose with your heart, you choose with your head except in the case of one of my cousins who is a huge Dallas fan and will never pick a rival NFC East player.

I have picked Dallas players, Giants players and even Eagles. It matters not to me because as Herm Edwards said, although he wasn’t speaking of fantasy, you play to win the game. I have won some, I have lost some but have never claimed the trophy or the $100 prize in my league — the Rockfish Capital League. 

So, no, the name change doesn’t bother me and I’m looking forward to another season where I can just shake my head and laugh at myself for thinking the team formerly known as the Redskins have a fighting chance.

As far as the name change goes, yes, I see why, and I’ll try to tread lightly here when I say you wouldn’t say that former name to a group of people who are of that heritage just as you wouldn’t say another very offensive name to another group of people. 

So, yeah, I get it and I’m OK because as Jerry Seinfeld once said all you’re doing is rooting for a uniform. A player you cheer for wearing that uniform today will be booed by you the next season for deciding to make more money by putting on a different uniform. So, yes, Jerry is right — you’re essentially rooting for clothes and a helmet.

Another thing about the new name of the team formerly known as the Redskins is that when it comes to monikers, I’m all about it being related to the history of the area where the team is located.

That’s why I’ve always been disappointed that none of our local high school teams ever adopted the name Rockfish.

Oh, well, I’m a transplant anyway and when I started school in Murfreesboro we were the Red Devils and then the Raiders and after the consolidation to Hertford County High School they were the Bears which is appropriate.

I saw nothing offensive about the logo of the team formerly known as the Redskins. It was not garish like the one the Cleveland Indians or some of its farm club teams used.

I would have liked it better if they were the Warriors so they could still utilize the former logo and perhaps donate a portion of merchandise sales to the Wounded Warriors Project.

But when you think about it in terms of the DC area, Commanders is more appropriate due to the location of the Pentagon and other military installations in and around that area.

No heartburn there from me on that because I will keep up with the misfortunes of the team formerly known as the Redskins while I try my best come September to draft well for the two leagues I play in.

I was doing well in my league until Derrick Henry went out and I’ve always struggled with tight ends until I saw Gronk was available and now that the great Tom Brady has announced his retirement I suppose I won’t have that option available.

I’m not going to cry over the name change. I’m sure, however, I will come close to crying if my top fantasy pick goes out like Henry did and I’m left perusing the waiver wire looking for somebody that’s probably not going to be as good as him but will get me a few decent points.

So, as for me, yes, I’m not terribly happy about the new name but at least they didn’t name them the Wizards like the basketball team when Bullets was a nod to an old munitions factory when they were in Baltimore. I’ll just keep fantasizing about a great fantasy team where I go undefeated, win the $100 and the venerated Rockfish Capital League trophy — Lance Martin