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A Garysburg woman faces charges for trying to cash a stolen check at an Old Farm Road bank Thursday.

Roanoke Rapids police Chief Shane Guyant said Sergeant S. Langley and Lieutenant D. Newsome responded after receiving a report that Monica Michelle Simmons, 44, was in the drive-through lane.

Simmons told officers the check was written to her for cleaning services she had performed.  Employees at the bank made contact with the person whose account was on the check to confirm Simmons’ story.  It was learned that the check was stolen from the victim’s house last week and that it was not signed by the victim.  

While the larceny of the check occurred outside the police department’s jurisdiction, the passing of the check occurred in the city limits and Simmons was arrested and charged with felony uttering a forged instrument, felony attempting to obtain property by false pretenses, and misdemeanor possession of stolen goods. 

She remains in the Halifax County Detention Center due to a November arrest in Northampton County for felony larceny from a person.

She is scheduled for a February 22 district court appearance.

Guyant said Simmons has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 2002 — a record that includes prostitution, breaking and entering, financial card theft and larceny counts.

“Over the past few months larcenies and frauds have increased dramatically in the city,” Guyant said. “To all the thieves and fraudsters out there, if you commit a crime and we catch you we promise to charge you and publicize your criminal actions.  If you choose to be lazy and steal someone else’s goods and wares you should choose another city to do it.  The Roanoke Rapids Police Department is going to do everything in our power to protect our hard-working citizens, and businesses.  We are sick and tired of your criminal actions.  We have had it.”