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A final Brownfields agreement for the former WestPoint-Stevens building is completed, Halifax County Economic Development Director Cathy Scott told commissioners today.

In her report to the board, Scott said a final survey is complete and under review to ensure it meets state Department of Environmental Quality requirements.

“I’m just so happy we have a final Brownfields agreement in place,” she said. “It will actually go to advertisement probably the first of next week.”

Scott said the survey must have certain notes on it that denote it as a Brownfields site, including names of contacts. “Our surveyors are working with us to get that done, but after seven years we are almost there.”

Board Chair Vernon Bryant said having the Brownfields designation “could be a potential game-changer.”

In 2021 Scott told the board a Brownfields assessment of the site indicated no problems which would prohibit redevelopment.

The final Brownfields agreement for the site located within the city limits of Roanoke Rapids near Ledgerwood Field was expected to take a year.

There was some contamination found at the former textile mill but overall the assessment of the site indicated no fatal flaws for redevelopment for commercial and industrial purposes.

DEQ describes a Brownfields site as one which has been abandoned, is idle, underused or a site where contamination has hindered its redevelopment. Such properties are covered under the Brownfields Property Reuse Act of 1997.

While the property most likely can't be used for residential purposes, Scott  told the board in August of 2021, she was optimistic the county could work with the property and there could be some uses such as in conjunction with the Roanoke Valley Energy property.

The county announced in 2014 it was ready to market the site, which was home to the Rosemary Mill, a property which sits on 54 acres of land.

In another matter discussed in her report, Scott said Roseburg “is making remarkable progress in getting its facility ready for opening early next year.”

The company is still working out the final easement for its natural gas line.

The company is building a $200 million sawmill in Weldon.