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The 2022-23 report card by the North Carolina Department of Instruction revealed a mixed picture for Halifax County Schools, one the system today said included notable achievements and areas of improvement.

The annual report card was released Wednesday by NCDPI and showed that seven of the 11 schools in Halifax County either met or exceeded growth expectations.

The following schools met growth: 

Aurelian Springs Institute of Global Learning 

Everetts Elementary STEM Academy 

Enfield Middle STEAM Academy 

Hollister Elementary Leadership Academy 

Pittman Elementary Leadership Academy 

Southeast Collegiate Prep Academy 

The following school exceeded growth: 

Halifax County Early College 

“In contrast to the prevalence of low-performing schools, there is encouraging news in terms of student growth,” the school system said, and the news that seven of 11 met or exceeded growth  “suggests that despite the challenges, progress is being made in some areas, and student growth remains a priority for the district.”

Superintendent Eric Cunningham expressed both optimism and determination in response to the report's findings. "We acknowledge the challenges highlighted in the report, and we are fully committed to addressing them head-on." 

Cunningham said, "The dedication of our teachers, staff, and administrators, along with the support of the community, will be instrumental in our efforts to raise the academic performance of our schools.”

The superintendent said, “As we gradually return to pre-pandemic scores, with the support provided by the state and our continuous hard work alongside our staff, I am confident that we will not only recover but surpass our previous performance."

Halifax County Schools is actively developing a comprehensive plan to target areas in need of improvement while building upon the strengths identified in the report. “This plan includes strategic investments in curriculum development, principal/teacher training, and community engagement initiatives to ensure that every student receives a quality education and has the opportunity to succeed.”