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The Halifax County Veteran Service Office and the Council on Aging 0ffice will be relocated to the department of social services building on Highway 301 effective July 1.

County Manager Dia Denton said in response to questions recently submitted by rrspin.com there were several factors which necessitated the move of both offices including the fact the DSS building has space available. “It is a better operational fit to house the VSO and the Council on Aging along with the social services offered at this location,” she said. “Clients accessing one service may find that they are eligible for additional services offered from this location, essentially creating a one-stop shop.”

Denton said as of July 1 the Council on Aging, which is currently housed at a county-owned building in Enfield, will be adding an additional full-time employee. “Housing these three agencies together makes logistical and operational sense. Further, human resources, where the VSO is currently located and where the COA was formerly located, needs additional space.  Lastly, current and potential county employees should be afforded privacy and confidentiality when visiting HR for any reason. This is difficult when other county services are located in the same space as HR.”    

The county manager said concerns registered via a website called Stop the Move were taken into consideration and she does not intend on reversing her decision. “This is a service, operational, and logistical decision based on several factors.”

Denton said the DSS building is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and “is arguably the safest and most secure of all county facilities. Security is on-site all day every day, and monitors visitors from the control room as they enter the lobby.

“There are rarely more than three to five people in the waiting room at any given time. Prior to becoming county manager, I visited the building at least once per month for DSS board meetings and I never saw more than three to five people and never saw any unruly behavior.  It would be similar to any doctor’s office, retail store, gas station or a restaurant.” 

The county plans to further inform the public and veterans on the move before July 1 using multiple platforms, she said.

The Veteran Service Office will be located on the main floor just steps away from the lobby.

Denton reiterated that the move of both the VSO and Council on Aging office will essentially create a one-stop shop. “Individuals receiving services from the VSO, the Council on Aging, or through DSS may be eligible for other services. Contrary to some comments made in a recent board meeting, DSS is not the ‘welfare’ office. DSS offers a wide variety of services to all Halifax County citizens and there is no shame in accessing any of them based on eligibility. My own son receives CAP-C Medicaid based on his medical needs and his services have to be recertified every year.”