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Halifax County Schools February Employee of the Month is Nellie Jones. 

Jones serves as an academic tutor at Scotland Neck Elementary Leadership Academy. Principal Angela Battle said, “Ms. Nellie Jones is a retired educator of Halifax County Schools who continues to be invested in the well-being of the students at Scotland Neck Elementary Leadership Academy. Ms. Jones works diligently with the third grade on strategies to support Read-to-Achieve. She supports new teachers and readily steps in wherever there is a need. Ms. Jones is highly respected and appreciated by students, staff, and the community.”

Said Jones: “Thank you for choosing me to be the Employee of the Month. This recognition by my peers and coworkers is humbling and gratifying. My dream was to retire and return to serve my community’s students. Though the daily grind isn't always easy, it is rewarding to know that I have made a meaningful impact and that my school sees and acknowledges it. Again, thank you.” 

Superintendent Eric Cunningham said, “Congratulations to Ms. Jones on this well-deserved recognition. We are thankful that you choose to spend your time as a retired educator bettering students’ lives in Halifax County Schools.”

Student of the Month

HCS February Student of the Month is Caleb Richardson. 

Caleb is a fourth-grade student and attends Hollister Elementary Leadership Academy. 

He is the son of Crystal Lynch and Mitchell Richardson. 

Caleb’s favorite subject is math because he likes learning how to use numbers. 

His hobbies are playing with friends and on his PlayStation, football, and basketball. 

He advises other students to “always do your best, study, be nice, and treat people well.” 

His thoughts about school and being selected student of the month is, “I like coming to school, and it helps me to become smarter. I’m happy to be student of the month.”

Caleb was selected student of the month because he works hard on schoolwork and homework. He strives all the time to make sure he studies and strives to get good grades. 

Said Cunningham: “Awesome job, Caleb Continue to keep up the great work and strive for five.”

Women’s History Month honoree

March is Women’s History Month and Halifax County Schools recognized a county native.

Lois M. Alston-Belle was raised in Enfield. 

Born in 1938, she wasn’t afforded the opportunities that many female scholars have been afforded since then.

The school system said Alston-Belle signifies the embodiments of the pillars upon which these commemorative days were initially established at their cores, celebrating courageous actions fueled by the determination of ordinary women and Black people.

She graduated as valedictorian from Eastman High School in 1955 at 16. 

She remained in the local Enfield area after high school graduation before deciding to enter business school, where she once again graduated at the top tier of her classes.

Alston-Belle finished her business school program in approximately six months, 1.5 years earlier than the outlined coursework was designed for prospective students.

“Halifax County Schools was honored to recognize Mrs. Lois M. Alston-Belle for her prestigious achievements,” Cunningham said.

Legislative performance bonus recipients

Halifax County Schools recognized educators who the state identified as an employee to receive a Legislated Performance Bonus. 

As measured by EVAAS at the state and district levels, these individuals were in the top 25 percent of teachers in 3rd-5th grade reading or 4th-8th grade math. 

Cunningham said, “Awesome job to these fantastic educators for their efforts to drive student achievement in Halifax County Schools. We are grateful to have them and all of our teachers a part of our team as we chart this new course to student achievement.”. 

The following individuals were recognized for outstanding achievement — Pamela Jones- Richardson, Jennifer Williams, Haitham Alraghaifeh, Dwayne Johnson, Lossie Hunter, Sanchia Palmer-Dewar, Kevia Lynch. Not Pictured: Kevin Walker.