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The following are answers to rrspin.com questions for the Halifax County Board of Commissioners race: 



Ms. Denise Sneed Savage


Retired educator mental health worker


Substitute teacher — Weldon Elementary — Teacher assistant — Weldon Elementary — Residential counselor for mental health services GED — part-time instructor Tillery and Halifax — Greensville correctional officer, social Worker for Odom/ Caledonia Mental Health Services, Alternative in-school suspension Weldon Elementary, school counselor Halifax County Schools —  Bakers Elementary — school counselor Dawson Scotland Neck Primary — Testing coordinator — Coordinator: Worked as a liaison between community, psychiatrists, psychologists, case managers, social workers, administrators, teachers, parents, students, superintendent, president for a higher learning institution.


Higher secondary education Inborden Elementary School, GED (HCC) AAS. 

1985 Correctional Services, AAS. Social Services, 1986, Sociology (BA) Shaw University, 1991, Community Health Administration and Promotion (MS), California College for Health Administration, (1998) school counseling (MA) North Carolina Central University, 2002, an academic degree of Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Leadership 2007, Pending 

(PHD) ADM/Black History, 2022,

Professional affiliations

The National Society of Leadership and Success, NAACP.


First Baptist, New Bethel, Saint Chapel, and Saint Peterson.

Political endorsements 

No endorsements at this given time.

Why are you seeking this office and what makes you qualified to hold it when elected? 

I am seeking the Halifax County commissioners office because I ran in 2010 for the same reasons. 

Since there hasn’t been a lot of improvement, I decided to see if the citizens wanted a new direction or to continue with the commissioners’ redundant platform. 

These are the following reasons that I am running: 

Improve public safety throughout Halifax County. 

Education for all schools

Economy —  Better paying industrial essential jobs, insurance for part time workers, and an Amazon Distribution Center. 

Gang awareness for teachers and students from Durham and Roanoke River Correctional institutions. 

Due Process for all minorities. No individual should be forced to get a lawyer if they choose to represent themselves. 

Single battered women and men 

Research other resources that are available elsewhere to help reduce our high electric bills, water, internet, telecable and natural gas bills.

Moreover, Halifax County  is one of the poorest counties in North Carolina, and most of the citizens are complaining about those dilemmas. 

Some citizens even discussed how they were not at home, and when they returned their electric bill and natural gas bills remained the same amount.  

Even though we have a payment plan for the citizens, a majority of the Carolinas discussed how they would love to be in a predicament that they would not need a payment plan. 

In addition, a Carolinian reported that he complained to natural gas and requested for his meter to be read, and the representative said that “they did not have to come out for a customer's reading or give him a number from their badge.”  

The customer indicated that he was going to write or call the utilities commissioner because every year when he obtains the Leap money from the Department of Social Services they take all the money from one bill in poor areas. 

Whereas in the Barton apartment  areas their funds last throughout the summer.  

The Carolinian complained that they blame the usage on his house being old, but he stated how he does not burn his gas at night at all and keeps his furnace at 69 when it is on. 

Importantly, these same issues were going on when I was a child. 

I fought them when my grandmother was living, and they are still in existence. 

When can the people in Halifax County obtain some relief from this cycle misuse of power?

I apologize to the non-voters because you have been made promises repeatedly. 

You indicated that you do not have any confidence in our court system and the voting system altogether.  

We as professionals have failed our people and the new direction is well deserved because the Carolinas have lost hope according to these real issues. 

However, in the Carolinas if you don’t vote and the ones that do vote and they keep voting for the same people there shall never be any changes, and the cycle misuse of power continues. Try a new flavor something different because it is time to groom new citizens for the 21Century Global society. To my Musical Learners: Remember James Brown’s Get Involved or Bennie and the Jets by Elton John. 

Let’s be a knockout and 18 and over remember to vote — Sky’s the Limit — Notorious BIG.       

I am overqualified and could utilize my Master of Science Community Health Administration & Wellness Promotion or graduate degree in Administration Leadership or Master of Arts in School Counseling. 

My experiences displayed how I have always collaborated with community stakeholders. 

This position would allow this prominent citizen an opportunity to embark on collaborating with community, school, courts, and law enforcement. 

The blessings that God has provided me with includes many other degrees that can cover all required qualifications.  

Would you support a tax increase to support critical capital needs or critical recurring expenses? Please explain why or why not? 

I would not support a critical capital tax increase or critical recurring expenses.

The reason I would not support a capital tax or critical tax is because the citizens are already paying too many taxes, and this is one of the poorest counties in the area. 

I campaigned throughout Halifax County and most citizens discussed how they were paying county and city taxes. 

They reported that it was not fair because they could not allow their children to attend Roanoke Rapids School District. Therefore, many citizens were really frustrated about the high taxes and limited resources for Halifax County Schools and Weldon City Schools.  

Where do you stand on the issue of school merger? 

I would consider bringing our schools together and the taxes from the revenue can be utilized from a future Amazon. 

However, in 2010, I ran for Halifax County commissioner. 

The citizens and I were talking about bringing those schools together because Halifax County Schools, and Weldon City Schools, were not obtaining equal distribution and funds for adequate resources, teachers, equipment, and poor condition schools. 

Favoritism has always been shown towards the Roanoke Rapids school system. The Yellow Jackets appear to not have an issue with merging. It is some of the commissioners who have been in charge for decades and continue to avoid breaking down racial barriers.  

The Yellow Jackets have a gigantic band and our other school bands have diminished over the years. 

Dr. Gilchrist, and Dr. Frederick knew that African American students needed a stress reliever to express their heritage because most of our students are musical learners. 

Moreover, all cultures should be engaging in freedom of expression. 

Those scholars should be allowed freedom of expression if they are not violating other individuals’ rights.  

My secondary teachers Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Brown, Mr. Askew, Mr. James, Ms. V. Knight, Mr. Berry, Mr. Cooper, and Mr. Williams taught us discipline, and culture in many ways. 

They used to play a song during recess or had a May Day Program. When this event occurred, all cultures were encouraged to display their heritage.   

Dr. Cunningham has done an outstanding job with promoting diversity, but the parents are dissatisfied with the funding those schools have been obtaining for Northwest Vikings Band, Southeast Trojans Band, and acting interim superintendents for Weldon Chargers Band. 

When numerous alumni come from different cities, they want to engage in a reflection of what they had started years ago. 

A majority of those alumni and parents were disappointed in the musical equipment that those Northwest Vikings, Halifax Trojans, and Weldon Chargers were utilizing. 

Twelve years later the county remains the same, and we are paying three superintendents for our students and most of Halifax County Schools have decreased because of students attending Kipps schools and Christian schools. 

You cannot get mad with parents for wanting what they feel is best for their children’s education. Normally a beginning superintendent may obtain a salary of $131,362 a year and this could vary because it depends on their years of certification. 

Importantly 131,362 x 3= 394,086.  

If I am elected, we would have a positive transition of schools merging, and the action plan would be very positive so that all county commissioners would buy into the decision-making process. 

The merger would allow all children to obtain an equal education. This would include more resources, higher teacher pay, diversified staff, more counselors, and more band equipment. The students could continue to play their rivals, but they would have one superintendent . Parents could experience school of choice. 

Nevertheless, this procedure would be a positive process because merging was discussed in 2010, 12 years ago. This would include social justice and equal education for all students.  

Commissioners have passed proposed dog-hunting regulations onto state lawmakers and thus far there has been no action on the matter. Do you support changes in dog-hunting regulations, or do you support different enforcement measures? 

I would support different enforcement measures. 

There are vicious dogs in certain neighborhoods that often get loose, and the owners are often working. 

The owners must be responsible for their dogs because people in the community should be able to walk a state road without their safety being violated. 

Citizens should not walk in fear on their property. These citations need to be implemented and no citizens should have over seven dogs in a pen for numerous hours without supervision. Public Safety is questionable throughout the area.    

How would you go about recruiting economic development projects to locate in Halifax County?

First, there are a few economic projects that have been started but not finished.  

We need to complete them first. 

I would love to bring the Carolinas an Amazon  Distribution Center  between Scotland Neck and Enfield. 

We could consider requesting Governor Cooper's help to assist us with the floor plan. The location would be selected and accommodating for the Hollister residents to travel. 

This would be a start, and the jobs could provide a substantial amount of different career economic training activities and full-time benefits. 

The company also would pay for higher education classes for Halifax Community College or Wesleyan College.  

The location can be selected with all the county commissioners at large.  

The revenue from this industrial Amazon distribution can help reduce taxes in our poverty-stricken area, reduce Black on Black crime because those career jobs would redirect some minorities to make an honest living and remain with their families by being a productive citizen in our communities rather than committing recidivism. 

Even though Representative Wray has provided economic development in Northeastern North Carolina, there is always room for competition.

Do you support construction of a new detention center, expansion of the existing facility or entering into a regional jail agreement? Please defend your answer?

The county’s budget would play a vital role in whether there needs to be a new detention center, expansion of the existing facility or entering into a regional jail agreement. If the conditions of the detention center are unhealthy, I would meet with the seasoned commissioners and listen to their feedback on what they feel we should do, but at the same time this would include what is in the county’s finances .  

Do you identify as a conservative, liberal, or moderate?  

I do identify as a conservative.

Do you support the continuance of Zoom remote meetings? 

Yes, if I make it to stage two. 

What is the biggest issue facing Halifax County and how would you address it when elected? 

Public safety is the biggest issue in Halifax County.

I would improve effective communication skills between law enforcement by breaking down racial barriers. 

This includes effective communication throughout neighborhoods by law enforcement. 

They would be motivated to get out of their cars and patrol Halifax County community neighborhoods at least twice a week. 

I would ride with them and walk in the neighborhoods. Law enforcement and I would establish a better relationship with the citizens in Halifax County . 

The drug busts would be at large rather than making big traffic drug busts during election, but on a regular basis. 

In addition, our law enforcement would be able to take the streets back over, but the accomplishment would happen gradually because behavior increases before it decreases. Importantly we need to get rid of the criminal elements that have been established throughout Halifax County. 

This includes honoring the traditional slogan that says Keep North Carolina Clean on a regular basis and not just election time, but county wide continuously. 

Importantly, hire more qualified police staff that would like to work on weekends because crime rate is much higher, and statistics indicate that our area is compared to 65 per one thousand residents. We have one of the highest crime rates than other small communities.

Do you support raises for all county employees and how do you go about sustaining those increases? 

I do support raises for county workers that have great work ethics and this includes detailed answers when providing the citizens feedback concerning elections and other feedback that is accurate in manual policy and procedures. In addition, this includes addressing all citizens with the utmost dignity and respect.   

Who has been your biggest influence in your career? 

Ms. Sadie Bell Sneed Harvey, Ms. Lillian Sneed, Ms. Jeanette Sneed, Mr. Julius Alton Sneed, Ms. Irma D. Sneed, Ms. Catherine Savage, Ms. Cathy Morris, Terry Bradley, PJ Green, Ms. Julie Mae Battle, Dr. Brenda Lyons, Mr. Chinua Sharif Savage, Mr. Dayvon Naquez Savage, and Ms. Deneatrelle Zynequa Savage.

Please provide a brief summation on what the board of commissioners would be like under your leadership

I have concluded that we could utilize a 10-minute agenda for the public opposed to three minutes.  

Some issues may be more complex and may need more clarification than others. The physical climate would be more professional, inviting, and detailed, accurate voting sites that are accommodating for all candidates. 

They would not be centered around the ones in the seat. It would include more accommodations for citizens and a less bullying environment towards the taxpayers. 

In addition, a positive relationship with new leaders for individuals that decide to exercise their due process in the courts. 

This includes a clerk of court, who tells the people the truth when they have a right to appeal to superior court. 

The citizens should not be told that they can go elsewhere, especially when they have proper exhibits, evidence, and there is a beautiful superior court upstairs. 

Importantly, more work, empathy, fairness, and collaboration with the millions in a 21st Century global society.