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Data today shows the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Halifax County far exceed any other report the health department has given since the pandemic began, Director Bruce Robistow said.

The health department reports a total of 9,618 positive cases since March of 2020 after adding 1,238 new cases since its report last week.

There have been 8,069 patients who have recovered — 88.45 percent — and there are 906 patients who have not recovered — 9.93 percent. There have been 146 deaths related to the virus.

“Today’s devastating numbers were projected weeks ago due to holiday gatherings, cold weather keeping people congregating inside and continued lack of compliance with vaccinations and the Three Ws,” Robistow said.

It is projected that this trend will continue for as much as four to six weeks, he said. “You will note on the graph that this week’s numbers far exceed any previous date since the pandemic began. Our percent positive far exceeds any previous dates since the pandemic began. Fortunately, the death rate has not spiked accordingly.”

The omicron variant appears to have less effect on lungs than it does on the upper respiratory system, the health director said. “This does not indicate a weakening of the virus, it is just a new variant. Not reaching herd immunity through vaccines will continue to allow COVID-19 to continue mutating to different variants moving forward.” 

The only solution, Robistow said, “is for everyone to get vaccinated and boosted and to continue to follow the Three Ws — handwashing, waiting 6-feet apart and wearing a facial covering — until we can reach herd immunity.”

The data the health department has reported since March of 2020 comes from the state department of health and human services. The numbers from the state are conservative, Robistow said. “The actual numbers we see coming into the health department in real time are above what the state has reported. If you’re still not convinced that the data and science is accurate, with this number of positive cases I am sure that everyone in Halifax County knows someone who has tested positive.”

He also said that the ZIP code numbers are not a reflection of specific town or city limits because those numbers cross over town, city, and even county lines.

Total number of positives by ZIP code beginning March 25, 2020 – today

Enfield (27823) –1,350 cases

Halifax (27839) – 490 cases

Hobgood (27843) – 195 cases

Hollister (27844) – 585 cases

Littleton (27850) – 824 cases

Roanoke Rapids (27870) – 5,169 cases

Scotland Neck (27874) – 727 cases

Weldon (27890) – 422 cases

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Community Transmission Map

Halifax County is highlighted in red showing a high level of community transmission.  

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Race/Ethnicity

After a peak the week of January 1, the numbers for the past week increased.

Percent Positive of COVID-19 Cases

The percent positives has increased over the past week with an average of 35 percent as of today compared to 12.4 percent last week.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Age  

Ages 25-49 represent the largest age groups who have tested positive this past week.

Cases by Date of Earliest Illness Identification and Congregate Living Setting Association

Although the number of COVID-19 cases in congregate living peaked the week of January 30 of last year, the numbers for the past week increased.

Halifax County Vaccination Status 

27,738 people at least partially vaccinated — 55 percent of the population

25,771 people fully vaccinated — 52 percent of the population 

Northampton County

The health department reported Wednesday there have been 2,987 total positive cases of which 2,673 have recovered. There were 240 active cases. There have been 74 related deaths.